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The customized Dota 2 map Dota Auto Chess has simply obtained a brand new replace, which added two new god chess items to the sport’s roster: Mars and Zeus. Mars has been added within the authentic Dota 2 not too long ago, however his playstyle within the Auto Chess map is one thing else.

Since most gamers have gotten conversant in Mars, you will notice him throughout your match-ups much more typically. But do not underestimate Zeus, as this god has a couple of neat methods beneath his sleeve as nicely.

If you need to know the way to play each of those chess items nicely, then observe our technique information for Dota Auto Chess under.

Mars Strategy Guide

Mars Abilities

Mars has two fundamental skills that value no mana: Overwhelming Superiority, which is a typical race means for all gods, and Fortified Armor, a Warrior class means.

His class means implies that Mars synergizes nicely with different Warrior chess items. However, you need to keep in mind that in order for you his race means to work, which reduces cooldowns by 50%, you can’t use a couple of piece of the identical race on the board.

Here is the whole breakdown of his Overwhelming Superiority means:

1x God: All allies cooldown will get decreased by 50%
2x God: All allies cooldown will get decreased by 75%

Mars Synergies

Mars is a assist piece that does not actually deal any injury besides his auto protect assault that hits all enemies in shut vary each 8s, or each 4s should you rely his 50% cooldown discount.

Here are one of the best chess items that synergize with Mars:

Omniknight: Knights normally are very robust tanks, and with the assistance of Overwhelming Superiority they develop into even stronger
Axe: Being a Warrior himself, he will get double bonus from Mars, and since he has his personal cooldown means, it makes him a brilliant environment friendly companion
Kunkka: Another Warrior piece that controls the board utilizing his Silence means will profit significantly from the god’s cooldown
Templar Assassin: An invincible DPS piece that with the assistance of Mars can use Refraction each 3s, which is extraordinarily environment friendly

Zeus Strategy Guide

Zeus Abilities

In addition to the god’s Overwhelming Superiority and Mage’s Magic Vulnerability skills, Zeus additionally possesses a 3rd distinctive set of skills known as Thundergod’s Wrath.

It permits Zeus to blast all enemies with lightning wherever they could be on the board. But there’s solely a 50% likelihood of it hitting the goal, so the injury on this case shouldn’t be assured.

Here is the whole breakdown of his Thundergod’s Wrath means:

Damage: 300/400/500
Damage Chance: 20%/30%/40%
Courier Damage Chance: 10%/15%/20%
Cooldown: 15/12/9

The Courier injury can play an particularly essential function within the late recreation, so combining Zeus with a couple of different Mages can be a terrific technique for a very colossal quantity of harm.

Zeus Synergies

Mage items are undoubtedly one of the best selections for Zeus, as his cooldown and injury skills can actually push issues ahead. But there are a couple of strong Mechs and Warlocks that may work nice with this god, too.

Here are a few of the greatest chess items that synergize with Zeus:

Tinker: This Mech must be buffed to 3 stars, after which he’ll have the ability to launch rockets each second in case he has respectable mana regeneration
Razor: One of one of the best Mages within the recreation will have the ability to forged his Plasma Field each 2.5s with the assistance of Zeus
Necrophos: A late-recreation Warlock that may heal all of your companion items
Enigma: This particular Warlock is ideal towards Knights, as he can simply ignore their shields

Mars + Zeus Combo

Obviously, one of the best technique can be to mix each gods on the identical time and use them as assist for Mages and Warriors.

Here is how this combo works in each step of the match-up:

Play Tusk and buff to 3 stars
Play Mars and buff to 3 stars
Play Juggernaut and buff to 2 stars
Play Tinker and buff to 3 stars
Play Crystal Maiden and buff to 2 stars
Play Razor and buff to 3 stars
Play Treant protector and buff to 3 stars
Play Zeus and buff to 2 stars

Note: The following chess items should be excluded from the combo, in any other case the gods’ combo won’t work:

Ogre Magi

As a outcome you should have the next buffs utilized to your chess items:

Warriors get +5 armor
Mages get 35% magic resistance discount
Gods cut back cooldown by 75%

Try this cool new combo out, and you’ll want to come again quickly for extra Dota Auto Chess guides right here at GameSkinny!



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