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Chess Grandmaster is Insanely Good at Minesweeper in Video Clip – GameRant

Grandmaster Hikaru reveals off his minesweeper expertise in a powerful clip that sees him effortlessly and methodically clearing the board.

GMHikaru is, because the identify implies, a chess grandmaster. Because of this, it comes as no shock that he is capable of assume tactically at a really fast tempo, however a latest clip of him burning by a sport of Minesweeper is leaving some viewers speechless.

Grandmaster is the best title a chess participant can attain except for world champion, and Hikaru has the distinction of being the youngest American to achieve the title as he was solely 15 when he was awarded it. Hikaru streams steadily now, and has proven his viewers that chess is not the place his prowess ends.

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For those who might not be acquainted with the sport, taking part in Minesweeper requires gamers to assume tactically and acknowledge patterns. The quantity in a revealed sq. reveals what number of bombs are adjoining to it, and utilizing this data gamers should reveal all squares with out by chance clicking on a bomb.

The clip is actually spectacular, as Hikaru strikes and thinks at a tempo a lot quicker than any unpracticed hand would have the ability to. Perhaps probably the most awe inspiring half is in the direction of the tip, because the streamer begins speaking about different, stream-associated issues whereas nonetheless sustaining the identical velocity in the sport. It is at this level that it turns into clear he is not actually excited about what he is doing, however somewhat noticing patterns and appearing accordingly. This is similar to chess, as gamers must memorize tons of various patterns, methods, and counterplays. By the tip of the sport, he clears the board in 207 seconds.

It’s price noting that this is not a world report velocity or something like that, as many in the feedback of the put up level out. With a bit extra observe and dedication, gamers are capable of get these occasions as little as 120 seconds or much less, and the world report speedrun is really an insane 31.133 seconds. This is much less a celebration of Hikaru’s insane Minesweeper expertise and extra an expression of shock that somebody who many followers beforehand did not know was  in the sport could be so expert at it at a second’s discover.

As talked about earlier, this is little question a results of his prowess at chess. Both video games basically boil right down to sample recognition, so a grandmaster of chess must be somewhat good at that. There are some strategies which Hikaru might use to decrease his clear time much more, resembling double clicking or not putting flags, however the group appears break up on which of those is objectively one of the best.

GMHikaru cleared Minesweeper in 207 seconds.

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