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How to get Togekiss in Pokémon Sword and Shield – Daily Esports

Togekiss is arguably the strongest Pokémon in the Video Game Championship (VGC) 2020 format. It can also be very troublesome to discover in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Here’s how to get your fingers on one.

Togekiss appearances

The greatest method to discover Togekiss is in Max Raid Battles. This can also be the one method you possibly can get the Pokémon with its Hidden Ability, Super Luck. Otherwise, you’d have to commerce one over or switch it in from a earlier sport. It seems in Den 33 in Hammerlocke Hills and Rolling Fields in the Wild Area.

Togekiss can even spawn in the air in the Wild Area’s Dusty Bowl in Foggy climate. It gained’t have its Hidden Ability, however it could be simpler to discover this manner if the climate is correct.

How to discover and evolve Togepi and Togetic

Alternatively, you possibly can get hold of Togekiss by means of evolution. Togepi evolves into Togetic, who evolves into Togekiss. Both Togepi and Togetic can even seem in Max Raid Battles and in the wild. Keep in thoughts, nonetheless, that these Pokémon won’t ever have their Hidden Ability.

Togepi seems in the Bridge Field zone of the Wild Area as a random encounter in Normal, Overcast, and Foggy climate. It solely has a two p.c probability of showing in Normal and Overcast Weather, whereas it has a 5 p.c probability to spawn in Fog. Togetic flies round in the Dusty Bowl in the Fog like Togekiss, but it surely has a a lot greater probability of showing.

Togepi evolves into Togetic by means of friendship. To improve friendship, you possibly can feed it sure berries or play with it in the Pokémon Camp. Making good curry will elevate its friendship stage by quite a bit. Once you could have Togetic, you possibly can evolve it into Togekiss by giving it a Shiny Stone. You can discover a Shiny Stone in the Lake of Outrage.


At this level, you possibly can breed for a Togepi with aggressive stats. Keep in thoughts that Togepi itself can’t have eggs as a result of it’s a child Pokémon. You’ll want to no less than evolve it to Togetic if you need it to breed.



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