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Fan-favorite “Massacre Girl” revealed in War of the Spark spoilers – Daily Esports

One of the hottest and requested characters in the historical past of Magic: The Gathering is right here. As the War of the Spark spoilers proceed pouring in, one of the newest revealed Legendary creatures is a particular one: Massacre Girl. This sadistic dame has been round in MTG lore since 2012. She was as soon as ranked #1 on the “Azorius Ten Most Wanted” criminals checklist. Her crimes? All of them.

Massacre Girl, War of the Spark, spoilers


For anybody who has performed Hearthstone, the impact on Massacre Girl could seem acquainted. In Hearthstone, there are two playing cards with comparable results: Defile and Lord Godfrey. Both these playing cards deal a spherical of injury to each creature on the subject after which repeat that injury if a creature died. While Massacre Girl’s means is a bit of totally different (she provides -1/-1 as an alternative of dealing injury, her impact repeats for *each* creature it kills), it’s undoubtedly reminiscent of these two Hearthstone playing cards.


When we had been final on Ravnica, we by no means truly noticed Massacre Girl. But we did see some attention-grabbing taste textual content on the Thrill-Kill Assassin card. We additionally received the aforementioned Most Wanted criminals article from Wizards of the Coast. Now we’ve gotten a brand new dev weblog that fleshes out her story to coincide along with her official reveal. From these sources we will deduce just a few issues:

She was the primary most wished felony in all of Ravnica after we had been final thereHer extreme violence and public shows of suave homicide has impressed copy-cat killersShe’s a contract killer who avoids seize by threatening officers who would detain her

Massacre Girl, War of the Spark, MTG news

Massacre Girl, War of the Spark, MTG news

With such an attention-grabbing again-story, she’s been a protracted-awaited addition to the Magic: The Gathering recreation. The group is predictably stoked that she’s lastly arrived.

Where may she see play?

Right off the bat, Massacre Girl is an exceptional card towards token methods. This is almost certainly Wizards of the Coast’s reply to overwhelming token boards as soon as Goblin Chainwhirler rotates from Standard. She’s additionally mono-black, that means she is way simpler to forged than Kaya’s Wrath which can see a fall-off in play as soon as the Dominaria uncommon lands rotate. In addition to all this, I think about her being a strong card for Cube and Commander since each these codecs have a tendency to love creatures with robust enter the battlefield talents. Modern might be too quick for her, and Legacy is just too spell-oriented for her means to get a lot worth. She could also be a sideboard card in these codecs, however I wouldn’t anticipate a deck to indicate up round her.



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