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Teamfight Tactics’ Ionic Spark item is bugged – this is how to use it – Daily Esports

Ionic Spark is the Faerie Dragon of Teamfight Tactics: an item which penalizes enemy spellcasters. Its in-sport description reads “Whenever an enemy casts a spell, they take 200 damage.” Seems fairly simple, proper? Turns out, that’s removed from the reality. Ionic Spark is truly an odd and complex item.

Powerfully bugged

As many gamers have reported, Ionics Spark has been bugged for the reason that launch of Teamfight Tactics, and it nonetheless is. The item’s impact prompts even when the champion it is outfitted on is ready in your bench. That means which you can equip it on any champion – ideally one you by no means intend to convey to battle – and rely on it to do work persistently.

Unfortunately, consistency is this item’s downfall as effectively. Its impact doesn’t set off on simply any enemy champion spell. For instance, it won’t activate when Pyke dashes or when Warwick pounces. It additionally doesn’t appear to reply to any Shapeshifter transformations. It’s doable that Ionic Spark solely prompts when an enemy makes use of a capability which inflicts spell harm efficiently. If that’s the case, then an enemy champion hitting your Garen whereas he is spell harm immune wouldn’t be targetted by the Spark.

Teamfight Tactics Item Cheat sheet

Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet

The harm is additionally not prompt. After detecting an enemy spell, the item performs an animation which inflicts harm over time. On the plus facet, a number of Ionic Sparks can hit the identical enemy spellcaster, so don’t hesitate to stack them.

How to get probably the most out of Ionic Spark

First of all, when utilizing the item, you need your enemy’s champions to truly forged spells. So don’t construct round Kassadin or any Demon champions. Also, keep away from constructing Ionic Sparks fully if no different gamers in your match appear to be constructing susceptible champions.

If you equip the item on a champion on the sphere, be certain that they really profit from the passive spell harm buff. Conversely, if in case you have it on a benched champion, think about that you’re buying and selling flexibility for security. That further spot on the bench might show very helpful within the late sport, in spite of everything.

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