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Spoilers reveal Kefnet as third mythic God-Eternal in War of the Spark – Daily Esports

We proceed our critiques of Magic: The Gathering’s spoiler season for War of the Spark with one other monster of a card. This one got here in courtesy of Cedric Phillips‘ stream last night and it’s certain to impress. Let’s check out the day’s third mythic Amonkhet god revealed: God-Eternal Kefnet.

Kefnet becomes the third mythic God-Eternal revealed in War of the Spark spoilers

That’s a giant hen!

Each of the God-Eternal playing cards that we’ve previewed (Bontu & Rhonas) have had recreation-altering talents. Kefnet could also be on one other stage as a result of this means may be recreation warping. Any time a card allows you to break the regular guidelines in MTG, it is advisable take a more in-depth look. While his means doesn’t appear that over-powered, let’s suppose of some situations the place Kefnet makes the highest influence.

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Let’s begin with the base stats. God-Eternal Kefnet is a four/5 flyer for 2UU. That’s already an honest charge, particularly when in comparison with the equally costed Sphinx of Foresight. The additional level in protection means this may block any incoming four/four flyers indefinitely. Another factor you could have observed with the God-Eternal playing cards is that they’re appropriately labeled as Zombies. With some first rate lords and Planeswalkers that synergize with the Zombie kind, there’s a very good probability we see some kind of Zombie deck that’s at the very least first rate in the subsequent Standard meta.


Kefnet’s talents are the place the card actually shines. As anticipated, Kefnet comes with the identical revival clause as the different God-Eternal playing cards, making it arduous to maintain off the board. We went over this mechanic in extra element in our earlier God-Eternal critiques.

Kefnet’s second means is the massive one right here. This provides you the energy to reveal the first card you draw every flip and replica it for two much less whether it is an immediate or sorcery. This is a might means, that means that you simply don’t should reveal the card. This is true even if you happen to draw an immediate or sorcery; the card doesn’t have to be revealed except you truly resolve to repeat it.

With Standard’s a number of varieties of establishing the prime of your deck (scry, surveil), if you will discover a method to constantly draw playing cards in your opponent’s flip, Kefnet opens up rather a lot of loopy potentialities.

Let’s take a look at this thought sample with Cleansing Nova.

Cleansing Nova is a card that can work well with Kefnet, God-EternalCleansing Nova is a card that can work well with Kefnet, God-Eternal

Let’s say your opponent is on Mono-Red Aggro, a deck identified for presenting Haste threats and taking part in rather a lot in their first essential part. Your opponent goes for a giant flip, bringing out a number of Haste creatures to assault you instantly. If you’ll be able to draw a card at the begin of fight and reveal Cleansing Nova, you should utilize Kefnet’s means to wrath the board for 1WW and pull the card into your hand for a second use. Kefnet goes again into your deck and also you get the probability to do it over again.

Getting 2 board wipes from 1 card is nice by itself. Add in the undeniable fact that 1 wipe solely prices three mana at immediate velocity and most decks could have a tough time topping that.

The Verdict

I predict we’re going to see some deck go loopy with Kefnet. Being in a position to solid sorceries at immediate velocity has at all times been a very good impact. Adding in the undeniable fact that he may give you two makes use of of a card (with one at lowered price) and the potential right here is bonkers.

We’re curious to see what form of combos folks give you.



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