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Ubisoft has introduced one other cell title in the Might & Magic sequence. Might & Magic Chess Royale will marry the battle royale and Auto Chess genres. This is clearly one other step in Ubisoft’s plan to take advantage of the franchise of all the cash they presumably can with horrible cellphone video games.

Chasing traits is simply a part of the gaming trade. It occurred with the MMO style, then with first-particular person shooters, and everyone knows what Fortnite did to battle royales. Ubisoft appears to lastly be taking development-chasing to its logical conclusion with Might & Magic Chess Royale.

As you possibly can most likely guess from the title, Might & Magic Chess Royale is a mixture of two distinct genres. It seeks to marry battle royale video games with Auto Chess. If you’re pondering “that sounds mental,” then you definitely’re not alone.

Might & Magic Chess Royale Will Make You Lose Faith in the Franchise

Might & Magic is a traditional sequence. I’ve many fond recollections of it – even of the disappointing titles! I started to have my doubts when Ubisoft introduced that terrible cell recreation. But after this, it’s clear they’ve dived off the deep finish with a Scrooge McDuck-type money seize.

What’s ironic is that this development-chasing technique is doomed to fail. There are two causes for this:

The individuals who popularized the development are doing it higher than you. All traits die (ultimately).

The battle royale function is dangerous sufficient, however the undeniable fact that Might & Magic Chess Royale tries to chase after auto battlers like Auto Chess simply provides insult to harm.

Whoever got here up with this concept deserves an actual pat on the again. Taking two in style issues and mashing them collectively? I’m positive that’s by no means been finished earlier than.

This simply seems to be like Auto Chess, however with 100 individuals taking part in in opposition to one another at the similar time. | Source: Ubisoft

The Gameplay Looks Completely Ridiculous

What’s even worse than the shameless development-chasing is how horrible the gameplay seems to be.

It’s a straight-up Auto Chess rip-off, but it surely pits 100 individuals in opposition to one another in fast succession. This isn’t a brand new recreation; it’s barely even a brand new recreation mode.

By the time your franchise has descended this low, it’s time to confess that you must hand over. It looks like Ubisoft has formally settled into the good, snug territory of pumping out mediocre cell video games for straightforward money.

Another one bites the mud.

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