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Feather, the Redeemed revealed in MTG’s War of the Spark spoilers – Daily Esports

An extended-awaited Magic: The Gathering character, Feather, has lastly gotten her personal card in War of the Spark spoiler season. Similar to Massacre Girl, Feather has been seen solely in the story of Magic and by no means in card type. Finally, she’s right here!

Feather, the Redeemed, war of the spark, spoilers [irp posts=”21103″ name=”War of the Spark spoilers: Parhelion II, the Boros Legion’s legendary vehicle”]


Feather was a member of the Boros guild and was solid down from the sisterhood of angels for an unknown motive throughout the occasions Ravnica: City of Guilds. She labored alongside the Boros foot troopers along with her wings sure for a time till she carried out her punishment and was launched. She briefly grew to become the chief of the Boros guild earlier than being challenged by Aurelia who claimed that no angel who had been disgraced ought to ever lead. With Aurelia garnering loads of help, Feather was usurped and imprisoned. She later escaped this imprisonment with the incidental assist from Krenko and is now free combating for her aircraft.

Judging from the taste textual content of Sunblade Angel, it appears Feather could also be as soon as once more main her guild into battle.

Where may she see play?

Feather is a really attention-grabbing War of the Spark spoiler as a result of, for the historical past of Boros coloured legendary angels, she is one of the few that doesn’t particularly gear in the direction of fight. Both Aurelia playing cards, Basandra, Gisella, and Razia, all closely take care of fight. Feather, on the different hand, has a capability that cares about spells, which is admittedly distinctive in the Red/White colour mixture. Her impact is robust and, whereas it actually does assist in fight by recurring pump spells and fight methods, it additionally has attention-grabbing synergy with non-fight oriented spells.

The apparent place for Feather is Commander. Commander is a format the place loopy interactions occur all the time as a consequence of its singleton nature. Feather suits proper in as a novel construct-round legendary. Additionally, she may simply present up in numerous Cubes since she has a extremely good physique for her value alongside her attention-grabbing means.

In Standard, she could possibly be used in an aggressive Boros deck or possibly some sort of bizarre combo deck. Honestly, I may even see Feather’s impact being sturdy sufficient in some unusual, area of interest strategy to see Modern play, although I’m unsure what that may be.


Feather is a superb card in aggressive decks trying to make the most of fight trick spells, a strong Commander contender, an attention-grabbing selection for Cubes, and should have bizarre and janky combos to mess with in Modern. All in all, a reasonably strong card that I wouldn’t be shocked to see in a number of codecs.



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