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Rainbow Six Siege test server update brings hackable Echo and more – Daily Esports

Rainbow Six Siege has launched its first test server update of the 12 months. The builders have made vital adjustments to operators, ADS pace, and a lot more. This update goals to enhance the stability of the sport, which is a predominant focus of Rainbow Six Siege builders, and offers the standard bug fixes.

1st TS UPDATE OF 2020! ?

Balancing assessments:
? Echo hackable
? Improved Candelas
? Ela Scorpion recoil
? BB some ♥
+ more in notes

PC TS @ 10:30 AM EST / 15:30 UTC
Downtime: 30 min

TS Patch Notes: https://t.co/zfadiHLzlE
Bug Reporting: https://t.co/oHHQ2RcFW8 pic.twitter.com/iH4R9STqbY

— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) January 16, 2020

The time taken to Aim Down Sight (ADS) has been elevated for all weapons, with sub-machine weapons seeing the biggest improve:

Assault rifles: from zero.30s to zero.40sSMG in secondary slots: zero.10s as much as zero.35sDMRs: from zero.30s as much as zero.40sSMGs: from zero.20s as much as zero.30sLMGs: from zero.40s as much as zero.45sPistol: zero.10s as much as zero.20sShotguns: zero.20s as much as zero.25s

Operator balancing and updates

For Blackbeard, ADS penalties will solely apply when Blackbeard’s Gun Shield is supplied. Weapons with out the Gun Shield will keep the identical timings as every other AR, weapons with the Gun Shield may have the identical timings as they’ve now, and the Angled Grip will have an effect on the SCAR each with and with out the Gun Shield outfitted.

There have been vital updates to operators equivalent to Yokai and Echo, who now have the power to be hacked. In addition, if Echo drops a cellphone, this can be hacked when he’s killed. Dokkaebi’s hacking additionally signifies that cameras will be accessed by attackers, giving the entire crew a bonus. This update permitting a sophisticated hacking mechanism means Dokkaebi is a useful operator to have on a crew.

The fashionable operator Ela now has diminished recoil on the Scorpion Evo3, rising the accuracy of the weapon.

Furthermore, there are some harm alterations: Finka’s spear and Nokk’s FMG9 have acquired buffs, and Jager’s 416-C harm has been decreased.

Ying has seen probably the most updates out of the operators obtainable. Candelas have a brand new define that solely Ying can see, and a Candela also can now detonate on stairs or surfaces which might be uneven. The Cluster Flashes have been made more dependable and the quantity of pellets per Candela has barely elevated. Most importantly, they now have a diminished detonation time, making the power more efficient.

Ying operator in Rainbow Six Siege update patch notes Echo hackable


Jackal has been additional aligned with Finka as she is ready to use a jammer while in a warning space. This offers an answer to Jackal’s limitation of now not with the ability to scan footsteps inside a warning space.

Visual adjustments to the gameplay see Glaz’s Holographic Sight bear adjustments to its reticle.

Player expertise

Bugs inflicting issues to visible results have been mounted. When an operator grew to become flashed, points with the operator’s arm meant it regarded twisted. Incorrect animations have been repaired equivalent to to Zofia’s lifeline grenade. Lastly, a minor retailer and beauty repair, mixed with the opposite alterations talked about above, permits the sport to run smoother.

Check out the patch notes for full particulars. To hold updated with Rainbow Six Siege developments, stick to Daily Esports.



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