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MTG Modern Horizons Day 1 Roundup | All spoilers for May 19 – Daily Esports

May 19th marked the official starting of the lengthy-awaited Modern Horizons spoiler season. We’ve seen new countermagic in Force of Negation, robust Limited playing cards, and a few fan favourite reprints from older units. Modern Horizons has been filled with surprises. Here’s the checklist of spoilers we received right now:

Modern Horizons Spoilers – May 19th

eight New Commons – These have been the primary spoilers of the day, and have been all utterly new playing cards! For commons, they positive are fairly robust.four Reprinted Commons – Modern Horizons was promised to have all new-to-Modern playing cards. That doesn’t imply we will’t have reprints from earlier than Modern’s time!three Uncommon Reprints – Here we have now some very attention-grabbing spoilers. Goblin Matron is lastly in Modern, and Wing Shards will wreck individuals in Limited!Deep Forest Hermit – A callback card to Deranged Hermit, this card guarantees to be unbelievable in Limited. An enormous hit for all squirrel lovers.dForce of Negation – A free Negate in Modern! It does a reasonably respectable Force of Will imitation and is bound to gradual the format down a bit.Snow Lands – Snow lands are again in full artwork! There’s no telling what else we could get, however the Snow Lands have gotten individuals excited!

Force of Negation, Modern Horizons spoiler

Stay Tuned!

Daily Esports is devoted to preserving you updated on Magic: The Gathering’s Modern Horizons spoilers. We’re anticipating them to proceed all week. For extra data, take a look at the total breakdown of spoiler occasions on this article launched by Wizards of the Coast. For extra articles like this all through spoiler season, make sure to sustain on our Magic: The Gathering information web page!

Modern Horizons has already amazed us right now with the sheer energy of the playing cards revealed. The commons are robust and may change the face of the Pauper format simply whereas Force of Negation alone stands to warp Modern. But that is simply Day 1! Get prepared for the remainder of the week!



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