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In my earlier article, we talked about the primary decks and deck sorts present in Magic: The Gathering. These are aggro, management, and midrange. In this text, we will probably be addressing three extra deck archetypes that present up sometimes: tempo, massive mana, and combo. With all this data, possibly yow will discover the greatest Magic: The Gathering Arena decks for you in Ravnica Allegiance customary.


Tempo decks, on the floor, are likely to appear like an odd mash-up of management and aggro. They win the recreation by beginning aggressively with small evasive creatures after which utilizing the “control” a part of their deck to guard these creatures whereas disrupting their opponent’s recreation plan.

We talked final time about how management decks win by having card benefit over their opponent. Tempo decks win by buying and selling card benefit for board benefit. What I imply by that is that tempo decks like to make use of the playing cards of their hand to be sure to by no means resolve any threatening creatures and to be sure to by no means take away theirs. While they will typically play like a management deck early on, tempo decks virtually at all times wish to be the aggressor in a matchup.

Often these decks will run “soft” removing spells that faucet down or bounce creatures as a result of they are usually cheaper than spells that will destroy or exile creatures. Tempo gamers additionally usually run “soft counter” spells like Spell Pierce. It is as a result of their deck desires to win early on when their opponent doesn’t have quite a lot of mana and isn’t constructed to final into the late recreation the place more durable management magic is required.

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In the above deck we see the following:

The complete deck is constructed round enjoying a creature with some type of evasion (flying or unblockable on this case) after which defending it whereas they disrupt the opponent’s recreation plan.

Big mana

Big mana decks spend their early turns enjoying ramp spells like Gift of Paradise or mana dorks like Llanowar Elves to allow them to forged massive creatures/spells sooner than they’d in any other case be capable to. Generally, enjoying a creature that prices 6 mana on flip 4 will probably be a tough factor for an opponent to cope with, and these decks concentrate on making that occur. These decks additionally are likely to run “mana sinks,” or permanents which have talents on them that will let you spend numerous mana into them for an impact. Generally, these are used greater than as soon as, however in the present Ravnica Allegiance customary, the Adapt means serves an analogous function.

MTG, Magic Arena, Magic Arena decks, deck types, Ramp, MTG Arena best decks, Ravnica Allegiance

MTG, Magic Arena, Magic Arena decks, deck types, Ramp, MTG Arena best decks, Ravnica Allegiance

The above deck has the following:

This deck is constructed round enjoying an enormous Hydroid Krasis as early as doable after which utilizing further mana to spend money on the Adapt talents on different creatures.


Combo decks play two or extra playing cards with the intent of utilizing their results collectively to win the recreation on the spot. They are usually composed of playing cards that both allow the combo or that draw playing cards to be sure to can get the combo in hand. Generally talking, combo decks are usually fairly fragile since they rely particularly on one or two spells resolving, so maintain that in thoughts in case you select to play this type. To assist this, some decks wish to have a backup win situation if in any respect doable.

This customary format could be very gentle on combo decks, however there was one operating round not too way back. It’s nonetheless Ravnica Allegiance Standard authorized however doesn’t see quite a lot of play.

MTG Arena, Arena decks, MTG decks, Combo, types, MTG Arena best decks, Ravnica Allegiance

MTG Arena, Arena decks, MTG decks, Combo, types, MTG Arena best decks, Ravnica Allegiance

This deck has the following:


These are the different forms of decks you’ll in all probability run into whereas enjoying Magic: The Gathering Arena that I discussed in my earlier article. While not as generally seen as management, aggro, and midrange, these deck kinds do exist and can pack a punch! Keep tuned for extra data on Owning the Arena, and have enjoyable enjoying Ravnica Allegiance in MTG Arena!



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