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Zayt and Saf qualify in most exciting Fortnite World Cup week thus far – Daily Esports

The Fortnite World Cup continues. Week four is formally in the books and one other group of gamers has certified. This week of Duos competitors offered the most leisure of any. Big names headlined the leaderboards, whereas pairs of gamers displayed their talent and information of the sport. In NA East, the skilled gamers of Chris “CizLucky” Perez and Craig “Brush” Hechmer, Nate Hill and Trevor “Funk” Siegler, and Williams “Zayt” Aubin and Rocco “Saf” Morales certified. Their particular person talent was spectacular, however the teamwork of those duos was much more spectacular.

E11 duo continues to dominate

Thomas “Tschiiinken” Hörak and Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer topped the EU leaderboards this week. The duo had already certified for the finals, however that didn’t cease them from persevering with to show their capacity. Stompy has additionally certified for the solo event. Europe is arguably the most aggressive division. It has the most variety of gamers competing. For this duo to complete with 16 extra factors than the second place workforce is breathtaking. They are rapidly making themselves a favourite to win the finals.

Zayt and Saf are among Fortnite World Cup week 4 Duos qualified teams

Fortnite World Cup Week four standings

The gamers in daring have certified for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals in New York City, and these listed with an asterisk are already confirmed. The variety of groups that qualify varies by area. For week four Duos the Oceania, Asia, and Brazil area didn’t obtain qualifying spots.

NA East

NGR Zayt / Ghost SafTempo Brush / Tempo CizLuckyNate Hill / FaZe Funk100T Ciece / 100T ElevateSecret Fuzzy / HogmanlolzFaZe cLoak / TfueTSM_Zexrow / TSM.Vinny1xAircool / Synergy Cadetwoofgang crimz / OT Spades * / FORWARD.GG

NA West

KNG Leno / KNG BarlFA HzExtinct / CarsonCBCWBG Rhux / WBG Pikasnow xd / swork1CODE TAVERN / ventSogys on 60hz / howdyfrJosh. / LoveNitrixm4 walla / m4 aaronBloom Persecute / Liquid Riversans1 rehx / AE kalvinn


E11 Tschiiinken / E11 Stompy *Gambit.fwexY / Gambit.letw1k3Cooler Nyhrox / aqua.VHV Crue / VHV ChapixGO Deadra / GO M11ZNewG Bouth / NewG NyydoFnatic Motor / Fnatix VeroxExalty Falconly / Exalty RobabzTchub_ / Alliance TickeDualMedia BlastR / DualMedia Alpha


JAM zoreh / GheezJahlyn / skylaGhost Zarby / Ghost Trappedtwins iwnl / RNG_x2JesseGooboz / slayaBES Serpennt / BES HypeWillOCE / straafedesire / twitter sozmannvolx / parpyRepulseGod / Psyper


TOP_Puzz / TOP_MingT1 Quickss / T1 MedusaKGA SexyBoy / KGA backhoRiddle Fire / Maufin xd4RaiF_Nagomin / 4RaiF_GoRouGE_Swillium / GE_fa1zzyCR.Toppy1220 / totot_MixMeta SinOoh / Meta HardCarryT1 Arius / SCARZ MuGINewbee_uxo / Newbee_WenQian


9z santidead / 9z zek∅INTZ histtory / Damage.-13INTZ Faah / Nogz.Clipnode / NothingNonameImLasers / IgoW7M pfzin / Code W7M-Nicks *xownssj / kingssjSINS 17SP / xKovakCODE SINS-TOXIC / 9z Twaykowisheydp / GusTavox8

Check out the scoring system for the occasions.

Each week we’ll recap the gamers who certified. Keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Fortnite information.



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