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Pokémon Sword and Shield: Galar Newcomers tier list – Daily Esports

The Galar Newcomers match in Pokémon Sword and Shield is just some days away, and which means it’s time for members to plan out their get together. Here are a few of the prime aggressive Pokémon that will probably be allowed within the match.



Dragapult is by far the strongest non-legendary Pokémon launched in Sword and Shield. Its unbelievable 142 Speed stat together with an excellent 120 Attack stat and 100 Special Attack stat give it quite a lot of construct choices. A Ghost/Dragon typing together with a strong transfer pool supplies it with nice protection as nicely, letting it cope with many threats that can seem in Galar Newcomers.


Duraludon is a Dragon/Steel-type Pokémon that’s virtually necessary to cope with Hatterene and Indeedee Trick Room comps. Its distinctive hidden capability, Stalwart, offers it the power to disregard Indeedee’s Follow Me and assault Hatterene straight with a brilliant-efficient Steel-type assault. Even outdoors of this area of interest, Duraludon stays a robust particular attacker with good protection and first rate bulk. It will certainly seem in virtually each workforce comp, particularly with out Excadrill being accessible to counter it.

Galarian Darmanitan

With its Gorilla Tactics capability, Darmanitan turns into a formidable drive that may function a viable counter to Dragapult, Duraludon, and Corviknight. It has an enormous transfer pool that provides protection for nearly each top-tier Pokémon, together with itself. If given a Choice Scarf to carry, it may well even outspeed a Jolly Dragapult, except the Dragapult is holding that merchandise as nicely. Darmanitan’s one main downside is that it’s going to get locked into no matter transfer it makes use of first.

Galarian Darmanitan Pokémon Sword and Shield: Galar Newcomers tier list



Grimmsnarl can play quite a lot of completely different roles on a workforce however typically features as a help Pokémon. It has entry to the Prankster capability, which will increase the precedence of standing strikes by one. This permits it to effectively arrange screens for its workforce or inflict standing circumstances on opposing Pokémon. Grimmsnarl’s Dark/Fairy typing might damage it in opposition to the abundance of Duraludon which are certain to look within the match, however it’s going to make for an excellent help Pokémon.


This Flying/Steel-type Pokémon is one other nice help possibility. With the absence of Braviary and Whimsicott, Corviknight would be the greatest Tailwind setter for Pokémon like Dracovish. Corviknight may defog or Gigantamax and use its G-Max Wind Rage to clear away Grimmsnarl’s screens. It can run Iron Head and Brave Bird to assist dish out harm as nicely.


Without Whimsicott to present it an instantaneous Tailwind increase, Dracovish gained’t be as menacing. This being mentioned, it’s going to stay an excellent possibility for revenge kills, particularly when paired with Corviknight. Combining its Strong Jaw capability with its Fishious Rend assault will nonetheless let it one-hit-KO fairly a couple of Pokémon within the match. However, Dracovish gamers have to be very cautious when going up in opposition to Dragapult or Duraludon, who will each one-hit-KO it.


This is a good possibility for organising Trick Room. This Ground/Ghost-type Pokémon may be very cumbersome and way more dependable than Hatterene for getting the transfer off. Its typing and transfer pool are very efficient for coping with top-tier threats like Dragapult and Duraludon. With only a few Ground-type choices, this Pokémon will in all probability seem outdoors of Trick Room comps as nicely.



Indeedee is one other first rate possibility for a help Pokémon. She is very helpful with Hatterene in Trick Room comps. Indeedee’s entry to Follow Me, Helping Hand, and the Psychic Surge capability permit for Hatterene to arrange Trick Room uninterrupted, except you’re going through Duraludon or Barraskewda. Indeedee may show helpful outdoors of Trick Room to assist take the main target off of a sweeper or increase its harm.


While it isn’t as cumbersome as Runerigus, that is way more of an offensive Trick Room setter. When paired with Indeedee and given a Babiri Berry, Hatterene may even survive a Max Steelspike from Duraludon. Unfortunately for her, shedding entry to key Trick Room Pokémon like Torkoal and Rhyperior will make it harder for these comps to succeed.


This Pokémon could possibly be a savior to Trick Room customers in Galar Newcomers. The Steel-type elephant has entry to a Gigantamax type and quite a lot of helpful strikes. It has nice Attack and HP stats and a worthwhile capability in Sheer Force. Don’t sleep on this Pokémon, as will probably be very troublesome to convey down with out entry to sturdy Fighting or Ground Pokémon.

Galarian Weezing

Weezing’s new capability, Neutralizing Gas, may function a good way to assist cope with top-tier threats. Its entry to Will-O-Wisp and an excellent defensive typing make it a strong help possibility. Weezing’s greatest risk will probably be Duraludon, who doesn’t care about Will-O-Wisp and will reap the benefits of Weezing’s decrease Special Defense stat.

Galarian Weezing Pokémon Sword and Shield: Galar Newcomers tier list

Galarian Weezing Pokémon Sword and Shield: Galar Newcomers tier list

Galarian Corsola

This little Pokémon is a good verify for any bodily attacker. Its entry to Strength Sap and Cursed Body assist it keep wholesome and sabotage the opponent. Eviolite makes it very powerful to KO, too. Corsola might want to be careful for Duraludon, nevertheless, because it normally runs Dark Pulse.


Greedent may serve an analogous position to Snorlax in Galar Newcomers. It has related stats in addition to entry to Belly Drum. Greedent may drive itself to eat a berry whereas growing its protection. This Pokémon may work nicely in Trick Room comps.



Sandaconda is a Ground sort, which will probably be helpful in Galar Newcomers. It may Gigantamax and acquire entry to G-Max Sandblast, which inflicts harm and traps Pokémon for 4-to-5 turns. This Pokémon must be a very good verify to Steel-types, however it must watch out for Dracovish.


Another Pokémon with entry to a Gigantamax type, Centiskorch may entice Pokémon with Fire harm for 4-to-5 turns. Fire-type strikes will probably be helpful in opposition to main threats like Darmanitan and Corviknight. Like with Sandaconda, although, Centiskorch have to be cautious if the opponent has a Dracovish.




Obstagoon has entry to some first rate strikes, however its stats aren’t the best. It does have entry to Guts and an excellent transfer in Obstruct, nevertheless, so gamers who’ve Flame Orb could make use of it. It’s Dark/Normal typing is sweet in opposition to Dragapult, and it has entry to Close Combat to assist in opposition to Duraludon.


Appletun may discover use in Trick Room comps because of an honest Special Attack stat and low Speed, however it has poor protection and will get obliterated by any Ice-Type transfer. If it is ready to get arrange correctly, nevertheless, it’d be capable of sweep.


Anyone hoping to run a profitable Trick Room get together in Galar Newcomers must verify this Pokémon out. It has a fairly strong 110 Attack together with a low 50 Speed. Tough Claws is an effective capability, and it has first rate potential as a Trick Room sweeper.


The Grass-type starter has some potential on this match. Access to Fake Out and Knock Off give it some utility, and it has strong stats throughout the board. The worst factor about this Pokémon is that Grass strikes aren’t going to excel in opposition to any of the top-tier Pokémon.

Galar Newcomers Rillaboom

Galar Newcomers Rillaboom


Cursola has been overshadowed by different Trick Room customers up to now, however Galar Newcomers could possibly be its time to shine. Its 30 Speed and 145 Special Attack make it an ideal candidate to be a particular sweeper in the correct comp.


Similar to Dracovish, Dracozolt suffers from the lack of Whimsicott. It depends on attacking first however gained’t give you the chance to take action as simply with out the precedence Tailwind Whimsicott provides. Hustle can also be not almost pretty much as good as Dracovish’s Strong Jaw. This Pokémon may function an honest counter to Corviknight.


Arctozolt would perform equally to Dracozolt, however in Trick Room comps because of its poor Speed stat. Trick Room customers will seemingly look to it or Arctovish for extra sort protection. It in all probability gained’t be helpful outdoors of Trick Room.


Alcremie’s stats don’t look as tasty as its G-Max type. That being mentioned, entry to Decorate and G-Max Finale may make it aggressive. It could be constructed as a quick particular attacker with choices to buff an ally or assault opponents.


Similar to Greedent, Eiscue features as a Belly Drum consumer. It doesn’t have probably the most spectacular stats, however its Ice Face capability offers it a possibility to arrange Belly Drum to comb. It can be utilized in Trick Room or outdoors of it with a help Pokémon.



The Water-type starter has seen some success when paired with Vanilluxe, however sadly, it gained’t have its associate in crime for Galar Newcomers. Inteleon does have nice Special Attack and Speed stats, however nothing in its transfer pool threatens many top-tier Pokémon. Its entry to Ice Beam helps it in opposition to Dragapult, however Dragapult will out-pace it and one-hit-KO it because of its horrible defensive stats.


The Fire-type starter is in an analogous boat because the Water-type starter. Cinderace’s entry to Court Change could possibly be helpful for swapping screens in opposition to Grimmsnarl. Outside of this, nevertheless, Cinderace is just outclassed by different Pokémon within the match.




Sirfetch’d may function an possibility in opposition to Duraludon and Darmanitan. Those Pokémon will seem fairly often, and they lack an efficient transfer in opposition to Sirfetch’d. Unfortunately, Sirfetch’d will get outsped by each of them, so it may die with out getting an assault off. If it may well assault efficiently, nevertheless, it may simply KO both of them.


Flapple is a fan favourite from Galar, however it hasn’t proved to be a really helpful aggressive Pokémon. It wants time to get off no less than one Dragon Dance to up its Speed and Attack, which is troublesome to tug off in doubles battles. It additionally depends on Hustle for extra harm, which hurts its accuracy. If paired with Indeedee or Grimmsnarl, it may discover some success.


Power Spot looks as if an excellent capability, however its abysmal Special Defense stat and poor Speed don’t do it any favors. It has first rate protection, however it’s outclassed by many different Pokémon in Galar Newcomers.


While there are many different Pokémon allowed in Galar Newcomers, most of them gained’t stand an opportunity within the match. Any Pokémon not listed above belongs on this tier. There are certain to be gamers who strive them and make them work, however they’re typically not going to be aggressive picks.

That being mentioned, don’t be afraid to strive one thing completely different. The ingredient of shock is at all times advantageous in Pokémon battles.

Be certain to register for the match earlier than the minimize-off date and get your get together collectively!



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