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Play Overwatch Like the Pros: Bunker composition – Daily Esports

Everything appears regular as you allow the gate and march in the direction of the level. Suddenly, the most important tank is struck with concern. “Bastion!” A barrage of bullets shortly takes cares of your defend earlier than ripping the remainder of the workforce aside. Your whole workforce has fallen sufferer to the Bunker composition.

Bunker comps have seen a significant resurgence on the present Overwatch patch. While they carry vital danger, groups have used them to create impenetrable partitions with which to full maintain.

What is it?

Bunker primarily serves as the defensive counterpart to pirate ship. The workforce hunkers down in a single place, relying closely on a major injury supplier to punish anybody coming into their line of sight. While some have labeled it as “cheesing,” bunker, when performed properly, is a powerful composition.

Composition historical past

Bunker was strengthened with the addition of Orisa. Image courtesy of Blizzard.

Bunker has existed since the very starting of Overwatch. The second gamers acquired into the recreation as Bastion, it was apparent that sticking him behind a defend can be a good suggestion. That stated, its utilization has dipped and diversified over the years.

The introduction of Orisa launched an arguably higher most important tank to run it with. The Mercy rework made bunker considerably stronger, making the solo rez extra dependable and worthwhile. More lately, Baptiste has confirmed a pure match for the comp, along with his Immortality Field lending considerably to the comp’s survivability.

How do I play it?

Positioning is vital. You must arrange someplace with lengthy sight strains to the major choke, in addition to someplace from which you’ll be able to simply rotate to the level. Bastion, Mercy, and Orisa are should-haves for the composition. The Mercy retains injury enhance and therapeutic on the Bastion, whereas the second healer — often Baptiste — retains the remainder of the workforce up. The different two slots are often crammed by D.Va and a second DPS, usually Junkrat or Widowmaker.

Once the enemy workforce pushes in, it’s essential to rotate shortly. Move as a workforce, be fast — however don’t rush — and arrange at the new vantage level whereas the off tank and second DPS gamers contest the level.


Some Overwatch groups decide to modify Orisa out for a Reinhardt and/or Bastion out for a Torbjorn. Otherwise, they play the very same means. Rein has the next well being pool per defend and may bash divers, whereas Torbjörn has his shotgun and may heal his turret independently.

Drastically altering the dynamic of play is the addition of a Symmetra as second DPS. Her teleporter can will let you shortly rotate to a far bigger number of positions, whereas her ult supplies an impenetrable defend in a pinch.

An various playstyle with Torbjörn is inserting the turret additional again from the bunker. The turret is positioned out of sight of the most important choke, but it surely stays within reach of the bunker itself. When the enemy workforce dives, it supplies fixed injury from a flank, and the enemy now lacks the motion talents to achieve it.


With a Hanzo, Widowmaker can successfully delete a Bastion with the smallest of openings. Image courtesy of Blizzard.

The simplest counter to Bunker is Sombra. All you want is a properly-positioned EMP and the whole composition falls to items. Alternatively, double sniper can reap the benefits of the smallest lapse in defend uptime to take out the Bastion after which decide aside the remaining gamers. Most groups in the previous opted to onerous dive the Bastion, hoping to shortly destroy it with a barrage of harm. However, that is way more tough with the addition of Baptiste.

Some gamers have considered the resurgence of Bunker as a potential indication of a future rock-paper-scissors meta. The concept can be that Bunker beats GOATS, GOATS beats Dive, and Dive beats Bunker. This would definitely be in step with Blizzard’s imaginative and prescient of a extremely diversified meta, however many stay skeptical of how it might pan out.

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