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War of the Spark Planeswalker spoiler: Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor – Daily Esports

We first found Kasmina final week, when a leaked promotional poster named her as the remaining unknown Planeswalker in Magic: The Gathering’s War of the Spark enlargement. As the spoilers proceed rolling in, we lastly have an official take a look at MTG’s most contemporary-confronted mage! She is one of the 4 new planeswalkers, together with Teyo Verada, Davriel Cane, and The Wanderer.

Allow us to introduce you to Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor.

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Kasmina is one other unusual Planeswalker. She carries a transformed mana price of four, in addition to 5 beginning loyalty. Her static skill makes her nice in any beatdown or tempo decks which are based mostly round creatures or Planeswalkers. It will assist tax your opponent’s spells that threaten to take away or harm your permanents. Her -2 skill, which is her solely activated one, creates a 2/2 blue Wizard token. This could make her an ideal addition to a wizard tribal deck, like an Adeliz, the Cinder Wind spellslingers deck. It may also offer you a physique to guard your planeswalker and to assault with on the following flip. She may discover her manner into decks which are based mostly on creating tokens. While blue isn’t a robust token colour in the commonplace meta, this would possibly change with War of the Spark.

As far as her lore goes, we don’t know a lot about her, beside her title and powers. But we do know that she brings together with her a signature spell:

Kasmina’s Transmutation

War of the Spark's newest Planeswalker Kasmina brings with her this spell card: Kasmina's Transmutation

War of the Spark's newest Planeswalker Kasmina brings with her this spell card: Kasmina's Transmutation

Like many blue mages, Kasmina appears to have transmutation powers. These are available in the type of an aura that may enchant enemy creatures. At 2 transformed mana price, it offers an inexpensive strategy to weaken a stronger enemy creature, turning it right into a easy 1/1. In the artwork, we see Kasmina utilizing her powers to show one of the Eternals from Nicol Bolas’ undead military right into a innocent, albeit nonetheless undead-wanting, frog.

Should Kasmina’s Transmutation not be performed in commonplace, the card is certain to indicate up in restricted and draft, the place it may very well be an actual sport changer.

With the second week of spoilers having a begin this sturdy, we’re excited to see what different playing cards War of the Spark will shock us with!



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