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Apex Legends players are never going to be happy with the Peacekeeper – Daily Esports

If you play Apex Legends or have ever spent greater than a minute inside earshot of somebody who does, you in all probability know the Peacekeeper is simply unfair and horrible and wishes a nerf yesterday. Respawn did nerf the weapon early on by decreasing its rechamber fee scaling, which helped. After some latest modifications to projectiles, although, players are upset with the uber-shotgun once more. This prompted the studio to hit the Peacekeeper with a way more substantial nerf.

Head’s up, Legends. We’ve simply pushed a steadiness adjustment to the peacekeeper that does the following:

?Increased rechamber time: 1.1 -> 1.2
?Decreased head shot multiplier: 1.5 -> 1.25 pic.twitter.com/HsljjPZ4JC

— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) November 22, 2019

This lowers the weapon’s effectiveness generally, however it additionally takes away its solely edge: its headshot burst. With a most headshot injury of 132 – down from 165 – the Peacekeeper can now not 1-shot players with white armor. Nevertheless, the Apex Legends neighborhood’s fast response was to denounce the nerf. Within minutes, the prime-appreciated touch upon the announcement was neighborhood determine Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson calling it “nowhere near enough.”

Now, that response doesn’t actually imply a lot. Responses have been pouring in earlier than anybody had given the nerfed Peacekeeper a strive. And Mendo can get likes for saying principally something. Still, it’s helpful to revisit the topic of why precisely the Peacekeeper is so feared and maligned.

Burst injury monster

The Peacekeeper fires very slowly, and it has the lowest DPS in the shotgun class. However, it hits like a truck, with a most injury of 110 with bodyshots, and 165 with headshots – till now, anyway. Frankly, it doesn’t matter how slowly it fires. A reliable participant might eradicate the wait between photographs by dancing successfully or utilizing cowl. Plus, should you didn’t see the first shot coming and also you solely have primary armor, you aren’t actually getting a second likelihood. In impact, the Peacekeeper might be aggravating for players struggling with the lack of counterplay.

Ryan Lastimosa Peacekeeper designs Apex Legends

These are just some of the many visible iterations the Peacekeeper went by in design.

This newest nerf looks as if the proper change, because it declaws the Peacekeeper whereas preserving its function in the Apex Legends meta. The rechamber fee discount is sweet, however the actual profit is that the shotgun will never mow you down immediately. That is, until you don’t have any armor in any way – and should you’re combating with out armor, the downside isn’t actually with the Peacekeeper.

For the sake of the argument, let’s say that Mendo is correct and this nerf remains to be not sufficient. What would be sufficient to repair a weapon that has restricted vary, low DPS, and unpredictable injury output? The solely factor the Peacekeeper has going for itself is its level-clean burst, which is much less efficient now. Take that away fully and the weapon stops having any motive to exist. Which begs the query, did Apex Legends want the Peacekeeper to exist in the first place if it makes individuals sad by its sheer design? That’s one thing for players to work out for themselves.



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