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Magic: The Gathering Arena patch notes: New card kinds, Pteramander UI – Daily Esports

After a short downtime, the newest patch for Magic: The Gathering Arena went dwell simply after 11:30 a.m. EST on May 2, 2019. Notable inclusions within the replace are a number of new card kinds within the retailer, and an up to date Pteramander spell counter.

New card kinds in Magic: The Gathering Arena

Draft Bundles: 4000 gold every. One bundle for every colour, together with new card kinds for a few of the most iconic War of the Spark playing cards chances are you’ll come throughout whereas drafting the brand new set.White: Prison Realm, Law-Rune Enforcer, Trusted PegasusBlue: Rescuer Sphinx, Aven Eternal, Tamiyo’s EpiphanyBlack: Eternal Taskmaster, Ob Nixilis’s Cruelty, Herald of the DreadhordeRed: Cyclops Electromancer, Spellgorger Weird, Jaya’s GreetingGreen: Challenger Troll, Bloom Hulk, Giant GrowthGatewatch’s Triumph Bundle: 1000 gems. Includes a brand new type for every of the playing cards within the new Triumph cycle from War of the Spark (Gideon’s Triumph, Jace’s Triumph, Liliana’s Triumph, Chandra’s Triumph, Nissa’s Triumph).Bolas Bundle: 4000 gems. Includes Bolas sleeves, avatar, and several other new card kinds.Card Styles: Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God, Bolas’s Citadel, Commence the Endgame, and Deliver Until Evil card type.Nicol Bolas AvatarNicol Bolas, Exquisite Card SleeveAdditional Card Styles: This replace made an entire record of card kinds obtainable for particular person buy as nicely. See the patch notes on the backside of this text for extra particulars.

Pteramander UI replace

By far probably the most purposeful enchancment included on this patch is the addition of a spell counter to Pteramander whereas on the sector, as seen right here:

Magic: The Gathering Arena update patch notes | MTG Arena | Pteramander counter

Mono-blue gamers of Magic: The Gathering Arena, rejoice. Now, whereas Pteramander is in play, you may simply hold observe of the variety of immediate and sorceries in your graveyard with out opening it up and scrolling by way of it flip after flip. Just subtract the displayed quantity on Pteramander out of your lands in play, and you’ve got the Adapt value.

Get on the market and benefit from the newest adjustments!

Check out the complete Magic: The Gathering Arena replace patch notes.



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