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Longbow DMR and introduction to snipers | Apex Legends Gun Guides – Daily Esports

Snipers play a extremely specialised position in Apex Legends due to the sport’s distinctive mechanics. Downing opponents from afar isn’t arduous, however ending them off – and then ransacking their loot coffin – entails getting up shut and private. For that cause, gamers who tackle the position of sharpshooter want to be extraordinarily aware of their rifle and know its capabilities in all conditions.

For these of you who like to hunt your prey from the shadows, Apex presents 4 distinct flavors of deadly lengthy-vary hardware. This information focuses on the Longbow.

Introduction to snipers

Sniper rifles are low upkeep weapons and don’t require many attachments to carry out nicely. They run on a single stack of ammo. Your solely precedence must be discovering the appropriate scope to your rifle. In the Longbow’s case, additionally, you will need to discover the Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up. Still, don’t hesitate to choose up and use the gun with out it.

Apex Legends Longbow sniper Through the Heart cosmetic

Like all weapons, excluding the Havoc‘s single-shot mode, snipers have projectile drop. That means their photographs fall in an arc over lengthy distances. This wants to be thought-about when firing on targets together with your Longbow at excessive vary. That, and projectile velocity elements in the way you place photographs. Try to lead together with your intention, capturing not the place your enemy is however the place they’re going to be.

When ready, be certain that to hearth from crouch. This will increase your accuracy barely, and within the case of Gibraltar additionally fully covers your entrance together with your Gun Shield, defending your legs.

Sniper rifles have a headshot vary of 750 meters, which could as nicely be infinite contemplating the dimensions of Apex Legends’ map. That means they virtually at all times get their full headshot multiplier of 200 % base injury.

Snipers just like the Longbow have the extra benefit of dealing 90 % injury when hitting enemies within the leg. All different weapon courses deal 75 % injury with leg photographs.

Apex Legends Snipers Pathfinder

Apex Legends Snipers Pathfinder

Who’s finest with sniper rifles?

The legends most fitted to sharpshooting are Pathfinder and Gibraltar. Pathfinder has wonderful vertical mobility, permitting him to shortly discover a good roost to hearth from. When rushed, he additionally has the power to reposition shortly to security.

For his half, Gibraltar is the very best at buying and selling injury with enemy snipers due to the mechanics of his Gun Shield. The defend absorbs up to 75 factors of injury, together with any overkill injury from the shot that breaks it. That signifies that Gibraltar can take a few photographs from some other sniper, or a single Kraber hit, and shrug it off with out consequence.

Using a defend cell restores the Gun Shield to full 75 factors capability. Therefore, all Gibraltar wants to do when hit is to duck behind cowl for 2 seconds to reset. Then he can proceed the onslaught like nothing occurred. Even when caught out within the open, Gibraltar could make his personal cowl through the use of his Dome of Protection tactical capacity.

As a sniper, Gibraltar has no weaknesses aside from how simply enemies can spot him at vary. That finally works to his group’s benefit, although. Enemy snipers could also be tempted to hearth on the massive orange goal of Gibraltar’s Gun Shield, permitting his teammates to flank for the kill.

Apex Legends Gibraltar

Apex Legends Gibraltar

How to use snipers at shut vary

When cornered and compelled to interact from up shut with solely a sniper rifle at your disposal, it’s necessary to keep calm and assess the scenario. If your goal is wherever past 20 meters away (stand proper subsequent to the RE-45 on the vary and take a look at the closest goal – that shut), it is perhaps finest to intention down sights and attempt to end them off with a few fast headshots.

Anywhere nearer than that, although, and aiming down sights will get you killed. Player motion is slowed to 36 % of standard velocity whereas aiming with a sniper, which is the slowest you possibly can transfer in Apex Legends. That makes you a straightforward goal towards some other kind of gun.

So within the above scenario, you’ll have to hearth from the hip, hoping for the very best. And I do imply hoping. Sniper photographs scatter closely when hip-fired, and the path is solely random. If you might be in melee vary, intention for the pinnacle, however in all different instances, you’d be higher served by conservatively putting your photographs on the higher chest.


In both state of affairs, in case you empty your clip with out securing a kill, you want to run. Sniper rifles are cumbersome weapons, and they deal with and reload a lot slower than all different weapons. Reloading wants to occur away from hazard. Your finest plan of motion can be to attempt to reposition and achieve far out of your opponent. Even if they offer you time to reload, persevering with to interact at shut vary solely asks for hassle.

The Longbow DMR

The finest true sniper rifle apart from the uncommon Kraber, the Longbow is a formidable weapon at any stage of the match. Its quick hearth fee, giant journal, and distinctive headshot injury make its person an prompt risk.

Longbow at a glance Apex LegendsLongbow at a glance Apex Legends

Because it has the very best heavy ammo effectivity within the sport, a Longbow might be comfortably used alongside some other heavy ammo gun with out working dry. It doesn’t usually compete for attachments, because it solely wants a sniper scope you discover snug. Get one as quickly as you possibly can – it has one of many worst iron sights in Apex Legends.

The Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up is your second precedence. It will increase headshot injury by an extra 50 % of base injury, upping it to 138. This bump successfully permits you to 2hko enemy gamers with headshots even when they’ve the very best armor and helmet within the sport. The Longbow advantages from this hop-up greater than the Wingman, so it ought to get it first.

The Longbow is at present the strongest possibility you possibly can go along with for devoted sniping. It could also be barely much less correct than the Triple Take at most vary and not as versatile because the Scout at mid and shut vary. However, it beats them each in sheer stopping energy.



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