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More SSR items, Dazzle’s spell and Priest trait revealed: Dota Auto Chess test server updates – VPEsports

Dota Auto Chess test server obtained just a few updates that reveal extra than simply the Dazzle imminent addition to the sport.

Shallow Grave

Dazzle was already added on the test server on April 17 as a Troll – Priest chess piece however his capacity and the brand new class trait weren’t specified. In an replace from in the present day, April 23, Dazzle obtained his Dota 2 saving spell, Shallow Grave.

In Dota Auto Chess, the Shallow Grave has 10 seconds cooldown and will save half/three allied chess items from dying for five seconds. Dazzle will routinely forged Shallow Grave onto the chess piece(s) with the bottom share of well being factors.

Priest trait: Shield

Priest is the brand new class anticipated to reach on the dwell model of the sport on the similar time with Dazzle and for now it’s going to convey a brand new trait that prompts on only one Priest chess piece positioned on the board.

Shield will present a 30% injury discount protect to the courier.

There are just a few indicators that trace to the addition of Dark Seer as properly, however for now we won’t go into any element relating to this new attainable chess piece. A reasonably extra stunning replace on the test server is the Super Secret Rare Lich.

What are Super Secret Rare (SSR) items?

Dota Auto Chess already has two SSR chess items, however many of the gamers haven’t ever seen them. That’s as a result of the SSR items have a roll likelihood of 1/10 million.

Chaos Knight Hellfire prices 15 gold and comes with a second capacity which is his Dota 2 final, Phantasm.  The different SSR piece already carried out within the recreation is Necrophos. It prices 10 gold and comes with the Dota 2 final, Reaper’s Scythe.

While for many of the gamers, the existence of those two Super Secret Rare items sounds extra like a fable, here’s a video from an earlier patch the place somebody has truly obtained an SSR Chaos Knight.

SSR Lich

The test server revealed in the present day Lich to affix the SSR tier. His capacity appears to be the previous Sacrifice spell of the Dota 2 Lich however the description for the spell in Dota Auto Chess hasn’t be added.

Test server gameplay and beauty updates:

– Updated the power of Ogre Magi and Witch Doctor to maintain it in keeping with the power description. Also Plasma Field (Razor) and Bloodlust(Ogre) will not have an effect on the motion of items.

– Changed beauty units for two-star and three-star Slardar.

– Pre-battle interval will present the present star stage of your items.

-SSR items now have particular visible impact to point out their present star stage.



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