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Respawn addresses Apex Legends update issues and mystery item slot – Daily Esports

Respawn launched an Apex Legends Update 1.2 post-update on Reddit at the moment. The studio detailed the varied issues they’re conscious of that had been brought on by the latest update, which coincided with the launch of the Legendary Hunt occasion. The submit states they’re working exhausting to handle them. It additionally cheekily acknowledges a few lesser-marketed adjustments to the sport. We are, in fact, speaking concerning the Mirage buff and the mystery item slot.

While Respawn isn't saying it outright, they do seem pretty pleased with themselves over the recent Mirage

New bugs and new tools

As is conventional for AAA titles, the update mounted a number of issues whereas breaking others. From voice localization to motion and aiming, a number of issues had been barely bent if not damaged. At the highest of most gamers’ downside listing is the diminished accuracy which weapons now show whereas sliding and aiming down sights. This sort of factor is definitely fairly severe in a recreation like Apex Legends, the place gunplay is closely based mostly on mobility. The submit states that Respawn is working to resolve the difficulty.

The studio can also be going after the variety of community, sound, and texture issues launched by Update 1.2. They are investigating an unknown error inflicting non-Mirage gamers to look invisible in some video games.

Finally, the submit mentions the mysterious fifth tools slot silently added within the update. “You all will have to wait to see what we have planned for that,” is all Respawn is saying for now. A leak from at the moment confirmed the brand new slot will certainly maintain a brand new item, with as much as three ranges of rarity. Hopefully extra might be introduced at Respawn’s panel at EA Play 2019 tomorrow. In the meantime, now we have our personal theories, shared by some within the Apex neighborhood.

The recent

The recent

The Mirage buff is in full impact

A frankly surprising line within the update notes a bug which is making Mirage clones all of a sudden seem behind the participant. NANI?! It’s not clear what the character of this bug is, however it appears to be one more function of Mirage’s latest superb “bug fix.” While Respawn had beforehand acknowledged that the legend’s win charge is secure, this buff was one thing the neighborhood has been asking for since launch. And their response to the change has been universally constructive thus far, from Mirage gamers anyway.

I’m LOVING this mirage buff! from apexlegends

While Respawn types out the varied new bugs and issues, we hope this model of Mirage stays unchanged. Time will inform how the neighborhood adjusts, as new gamers flock to play the spooky ghost legend.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for extra Apex Legends information and our report on Respawn’s EA Play 2019 panel tomorrow!



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