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Hidden changes in Apex Legends Patch 1.2: b-hopping gone, energy guns nerfed – Daily Esports

After a small delay, Respawn launched The Legendary Hunt yesterday. The two-week occasion brings fairly a couple of new additions and changes to Apex Legends. A substantial variety of them have been tucked on the backside of the patch notes, underneath Quality of Life changes. Some weren’t talked about in the patch notes in any respect. Read on for a full breakdown of every thing you missed in Update 1.2!

Weapons and kit

While most of us have been gleefully throwing Mozambiques down, it was the Havoc and the Devotion that basically hit the bottom arduous. This patch silently lowered each energy weapons’ magazine sizes. The Havoc now holds 24 rounds, down from 32, and the Devotion holds 36, down from 44.

(Update: the changes have been certainly reverted, and each weapons are again to their authentic magazine sizes.)

Respawn neighborhood supervisor Jay Frechette stated on Reddit that the nerf was “not an intended change.” It needs to be reverted quickly, though in the case of the Havoc rifle it can in all probability return in some type in a while. The weapon is presently very dominant in the Apex Legends meta.

Finally, thermite grenades can now harm and break doorways. Previously they have been the one throwable weapon to not be capable of try this. Now that honor falls on the Mozambique.

Apex Legends Havoc Energy Assault Rifle

Gameplay and legend changes

Much to many gamers’ displeasure, bunny-hopping whereas therapeutic is not doable. The straightforward-to-do exploit beforehand allowed customers to retain quick motion velocity whereas therapeutic. Respawn had beforehand stated this was not supposed habits.

Multiple high quality of life changes tackle melee, ziplines, and dropping, making these facets of the sport extra responsive. Ziplines in explicit now have a half-second cooldown after getting off earlier than you possibly can remount them.

The Legendary Hunt patch notes state that Caustic’s Nox barrels “can be triggered and disabled” by Caustic’s squad-mates. This is a helpful change.

The patch notes additionally state that Respawn has “fixed a bug where cloaked Mirage was too noticeable.” Cloaked Mirage is arguably at all times too noticeable, in response to the Apex neighborhood, who has had numerous recommendations for changes. This bug repair just isn’t actually a steadiness change, and we are going to quickly see (or not see?) whether or not it makes him extra survivable.

Apex Legends Update 1.2

Apex Legends Update 1.2

Apex Legends’ aggressive targets are again

This final hidden change isn’t as impactful, however it’s price mentioning nonetheless. The taking pictures vary targets at the moment are extra harmful than ever.

When Apex Legends launched, they’d pretty intuitive habits. Stand on high of them once they spring again and be launched far in the air. Stand behind them as they fall and be immediately crushed. Then sooner or later in the latest previous, they misplaced their means to kill. A hidden replace made it so falling targets would push the participant away as a substitute of killing them.

Update 1.2 brough again the targets’ bloodlust in spades. Now they’ll crush gamers each on the way in which up and on the way in which down. Standing on high of a rising goal will now launch you on to the afterlife.

For extra info on the Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2, try our Apex Legends web page!



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