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One of the massive limitations to entry for the Modern format is the worth of fetch lands. These lands permit gamers in Modern to go looking out twin-colour lands reminiscent of Overgrown Tomb or Hallowed Fountain, making two or three-colour decks very straightforward to tug off. Due to how important fetch lands are to multi-coloured decks, their worth is extremely excessive. For instance, a playset of Wooded Foothills is value over $100 for simply 4 land playing cards. Well, Wizards of the Coast might have discovered a option to make a price range different to those fetch lands with a brand new Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoiler: Prismatic Vista.

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Prismatic Vista

Prismatic Vista is the first ever fetch land designed to solely fetch primary lands. It’s additionally value noting that this is the solely fetch land that may fetch a Wastes untapped. There are loads of two-colour decks that will look to Prismatic Vista as a option to repair their mana with out dedicating tons of cash to a playset of actual fetch lands. Hopefully, Prismatic Vista will retain a low worth level in order that it may be a price range possibility for more cash-acutely aware gamers.

However, the hope of a low worth could also be in useless on account of the following:

Every Commander deck will need it. Whether they’re mono-coloured, two-coloured, or 5-coloured, this card supplies land fixing, reasonable deck thinning, and fuels graveyard methods. Just on account of the sheer dimension of the Commander neighborhood, Prismatic Vista is going to have excessive demand.Wizards of the Coast printed this at uncommon. It’s a little bit bit outrageous, seeing as Prismatic Vista is merely an Evolving Wilds (a Common card) that doesn’t put the land it fetches into play tapped. Due to this rarity, Prismatic Vista will nearly definitely have a better worth than it actually ought to.

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