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Teamfight Tactics Guide: Things you want to know before you play

Teamfight Tactics Board. Photo credit score to Riot Games

It’s a stable guess that you have heard and should have tried to queue up for Riot Games’ new mode of League of Legends. Teamfight Tactics is one other “auto battle” recreation in mild of Dota Auto Chess turning into extraordinarily in style. The recreation mode is presently on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), and the shopper has seen individuals in queue for hours simply to strive the sport out. Teamfight Tactics will hit the principle shopper within the subsequent patch, very seemingly on June 25 or 26, and we’ll see many extra individuals enjoying the sport for the primary time. So let’s speak fundamentals and issues you’ll want to know before hitting the model new map. There’s lots, so buckle in.

Basics of Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Guide: Things you want to know before you playTeamfight Tactics Guide: Things you want to know before you play

Teamfight Tactics board. Photo credit score to Riot Games TFT announcement.

Teamfight Tactics is an eight-participant recreation the place you construct models from the League of Legends roster and battle it out with the opposite gamers and varied monsters. The recreation takes its course till just one participant stays, and the sport takes place over a number of phases. The image above is your “board,” the place you’ll buy champions and place varied models throughout the hexes to battle different gamers. There is lots to clarify, and enjoying will solely assist in studying. Currently, 50 champions can be found within the recreation, with plans to launch extra as time goes on. Check out Riot’s dev publish from June 21 to discover out extra data on future releases.

Your participant view will embody the picture above, in addition to a retailer of 5 champions to buy extra models, a reroll choice, and an expertise purchase choice. The reroll choice will change the champions within the retailer. The expertise buy is a crucial mechanic within the recreation. You can solely have as many models as the sport permits, starting at one, then rising passively as the sport progresses. You acquire 2 EXP per spherical and should buy four EXP for four gold. The quantity of EXP you want to develop your military will increase as you create a bigger group.

Units and gadgets in Teamfight Tactics

TeamFight TacticsTeamFight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics roster. Photo credit score to Riot Games dev publish.

The 50 Teamfight Tactics champions all obtain totally different classifications relying on their origin and their class within the recreation. For instance, Lissandra is a “Glacial” origin and “elementalist” class. These classifications matter as a result of if you play champions of the identical class or origin, your workforce will get a buff. Different buffs require totally different quantities of models, so hold observe of what you have and what’s doable. Some models are distinctive to their classification like Blitzcrank and Yasuo, the place others have up to seven champions attributed. Ex-professional participant and streamer William “Scarra” Li made a really useful cheat sheet to assist bear in mind classifications and their results.

Teamfight TacticsTeamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics cheat sheet. Credit to William “Scarra” Li.

What champions really do relies upon. Champions will naturally auto-assault the closest enemy and can construct their mana bar. Once full, the champions expend their mana and use their potential. For instance, Lissandra will solid her final potential dealing injury to an enemy champion, or if beneath half well being, will solid it on herself. There are gadgets within the recreation that you can add to your champions. A champion can have up to three gadgets, they usually have a considerable amount of results. All upgraded gadgets construct out of two primary gadgets.

Teamfight TacticsTeamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics merchandise cheat sheet. Photo credit score to William “Scarra” Li

You will want to attempt to put ideally suited gadgets on totally different models. The solely method to get an merchandise from a champion is by promoting that unit again to the shop. Keep in thoughts what you have, each on models and on the facet, so as to have the absolute best setup on your board. You can not purchase gadgets, however you will want to purchase champions.

Units have totally different prices, starting from 1 gold to 5 gold, and are listed on the backside proper nook of the champion portrait. These champions will seem in each rising and reducing rarity as the sport goes on. This is essential to enjoying the sport, as a result of 1 gold models are much less seemingly to seem later within the recreation. This brings up one other core mechanic of the sport: upgrading models.

Upgrading models

Probably the best factor to perceive concerning the recreation is upgrading models. Each unit begins as a “1 Star” unit. Getting three “1 Star” models of the identical champion will create one “2 Star” unit. Having three “2 Star” models of the identical champion will improve it to a “3 Star” unit. Having larger-star models will increase all stats and is vital for successful the sport. Champions costing 1 gold will probably be very straightforward to get early on, however you may battle to get that final one to get the “3 Star” unit. Usually, the successful workforce could have at the least one “3 Star” unit, possibly much more relying on luck and the carousel.

Gold era

Gold is the lifeblood of the sport. No cash means no models and no EXP, so prioritizing gold over early fights will get you to later phases of the sport. There are three issues that contribute to this era. At the start of every spherical, you passively obtain 5 gold. This can improve in win streaks and loss streaks.

The final, and most vital, method to get gold is with curiosity. For each 10 gold you have within the financial institution, you obtain an extra gold per 10, up to 5. What this implies is with 10 gold within the financial institution, you will obtain at the least 6 gold (5 passive + 1 curiosity). Ideally, you want to accrue 50 gold, so as to passively acquire 10 gold a spherical (5 passive + 5 curiosity). Spend away after that, however strive not to cross below 50 if you can. You can danger cash extra incessantly on rerolls and use leftover gold on expertise to get extra models on the map. Worst case situation, you spend your entire cash to attempt to get as many models on the map as doable.


There is lots to focus on about Teamfight Tactics so as to perceive it totally, however this could assist people who find themselves fully clean to the style. Three general suggestions: Don’t play the identical method every time, work on upgrading models as incessantly as doable, and most significantly, save your gold!



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