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Leyline of Combustion coming to MTG Arena in Core Set 2020 – Daily Esports

Earlier right now, we noticed Leyline of Sanctity spoiled for Magic: The Gathering‘s Core Set 2020. Based off of that, it will be fairly comprehensible to assume we had been getting a reprint of a number of older Leylines into MTG Arena Standard. However, Wizards of the Coast has shocked us with an all-new one: Leyline of Combustion.

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Leyline of Combustion

Right off the bat, this Leyline blows the outdated crimson ones (Leyline of Punishment, Leyline of Lightning) out of the water. In Standard on MTG Arena, that is a simple embody in Mono-Red sideboards towards management methods that like to goal you with hand disruption or goal your creatures/planeswalkers with elimination. Honestly, any aggressive creature deck might discover worth in this card to punish their opponent for interacting with their board. Aristocrats may be a stable deck to slot this into. It’s all the time vital to take away their Cruel Celebrants, and you’d take injury to even goal one with Leyline out.

In Modern, there are a variety of fascinating interactions:

Against Storm, a resolved Leyline of Combustion can kill the Storm participant if they aim you with sufficient Grapeshot copies to kill you.Aggressive creature decks similar to Goblins, Zoo, or Phoenix might discover worth in this card towards Burn or Control, the place they’re racing to end firstThe Burn mirror simply bought very fascinating since, if each gamers resolve Leyline of Combustion, there will likely be a ton of injury being thrown round.


Overall, Wizards of the Coast completely nailed the brand new crimson Leyline. It has much more makes use of than the outdated ones and can nearly actually be a giant participant in the coming Standard metagame on MTG Arena. Daily Esports is right here to preserve you up to date on all issues MTG, so try our information web page! More Core Set 2020 spoilers are on the way in which, so make sure to preserve tuned!



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