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Kaya’s Guile unveiled in Modern Horizons spoilers – Daily Esports

Modern is a format that appreciates effectivity and energy. Modern Horizons has proven us that Wizards of the Coast intends to sluggish the format down a bit with playing cards equivalent to Force of Negation and Force of Despair. Today, the spoilers continued with the reveal of a brand new environment friendly and highly effective card: Kaya’s Guile.

Kaya’s Guile

Reminiscent of playing cards equivalent to Kolaghan’s Command or Cryptic Command, Kaya’s Guile permits the caster to decide on the 2 modes they’ll profit probably the most from on the time of casting. This is vital as a result of all of Kaya’s Guile’s modes are good in sure conditions. Having a alternative of the very best two is, due to this fact, invaluable. Let’s take a look at how gamers may use this card:

Against Death’s Shadow, you can select to have your opponent sacrifice their Shadow or Angler. Plus, you can also make them exile their graveyard to allow them to’t Delve out one other Angler.
Against Burn, you’ll be able to acquire four life and make them sacrifice one in every of their creatures.
Against Control you’ll be able to exile their graveyard so their Snapcasters haven’t any targets. At the identical time, you’ll be able to drive them to sacrifice their attacking Collonade.
Against Jund, you’ll be able to exile their graveyard to shrink Goyf, then make a 1/1 to dam and kill an attacking Dark Confidant.
Against Phoenix, you’ll be able to eliminate their graveyard and acquire four life.

As you’ll be able to see, Kaya’s Guile has helpful skills in virtually each matchup. It positively appears higher towards non-management decks, however actually, even there it appears superb. All of this versatility is surpassed, nevertheless, by the sheer energy of the Entwine skill. By paying three extra mana, you’ll be able to have all the consequences on this card. Yep, all of them. While most decks most likely wouldn’t attain that time, some video games in Modern can go lengthy. Esper Control has been popping up right here and there, and it’s fully able to casting this for six mana.

Kaya’s Guile is flexible, highly effective, and environment friendly at what it does. It seeing Modern play wouldn’t be stunning in any respect!

Stay Tuned!

Today has been chock filled with superior spoilers, and there’ll proceed to be extra over on our MTG information web page! Modern Horizons is stunning us at each flip, so remember to maintain a watch out!



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