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Fortnite v9.01 update introduces Tactical Assault Rifle, nerfs Drum Gun – Daily Esports

It appears as if Fortnite and Epic Games are lastly figuring issues out. The v9.01 update arrived earlier this morning and introduced some a lot-wanted modifications. It additionally introduced the model new Tactical Assault Rifle.

Even although some in the neighborhood wished different modifications, Fortnite delivered with some lengthy-awaited changes. Several nerfs to overpowered objects, gameplay fixes, and one vaulting makes this one of many higher updates in latest reminiscence.

Here’s the whole lot that you want to know concerning the Fortnite‘s v9.01 update.

The new Tactical Assault Rifle

Thanks to the work of knowledge-miners, we knew this weapon was coming. While some really feel that Epic shouldn’t prioritize a brand new weapon over glitches and bugs, this new gun is a good addition.

Coming in uncommon, epic, and legendary rarity, consider this rifle as a detailed-vary Scar. It’s totally automated with a 30 spherical journal and a base 22 injury. However, this weapon actually shines in shut quarters fight. Its unfold is extraordinarily tight in shut quarters, making it simpler to hip fireplace. However, its accuracy drops off tremendously the farther the vary.

With the state of Shotguns in flux, this weapon comes within the nick of the time. The rifle’s proficiency up shut makes it fairly helpful when your shotgun isn’t being constant because of its excessive fireplace charge.

You can discover the Tactical Assault Rifle in chests, on the ground, and through Supply Drops.

Long-awaited nerfs in v9.01

Fortnite appears to lastly be listening to what the group desires. In the v9.01 update, each the Ballers and the Drum Gun obtained nerfs. The Baller’s well being dropped from 200 to 150, and the Drum Gun’s injury noticed a nerf from 26/27 to 22/23.

While it wasn’t the Drum Gun vault, this can be a appropriate substitute. Nerfing the Drum Gun’s injury will make it far much less efficient in gunfights. However, it ought to nonetheless show extremely efficient in opposition to constructing buildings.

As for the Baller, its well being was as soon as once more lowered. Of course, gamers will nonetheless zoom across the map with the automobile, however it’s now simpler to shoot them out.

Other gameplay modifications

In regards to the rest of the update, there are some notable modifications. Another weapon was thrown within the vault, because the P90 SMG makes its first go to. Epic Games felt that with the addition of the Drum Gun and Tactical Assault Rifle, the P90 now not had a spot.

The last change that Fortnite made revolves across the Slipstreams. Since their addition final week, gamers have complained endlessly about them. An enormous drawback with the air tubes was that you simply couldn’t construct by the airflow. This made it extraordinarily tough to construct up and slip into the tube. Well, Epic noticed these complaints, and the Slipstreams now now not block gamers constructing.

Fortnite v9.01

Photo credit score to u/andrewbrownnn on Reddit

Another extremely-requested change to the Slipstreams was that they be disabled within the last circles. They brought about far too many inconsistent last zones for gamers who wished to get excessive floor. Following v9.01, Slipstreams at the moment are disabled after the fifth circle.

That’s it for the v9.01 patch notes! Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite information and updates. 



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