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Fan theory predicts Crypto will arrive in Apex Legends on June 18 – Daily Esports

As you might know in the event you comply with the limitless stream of pre-Season 2 Apex Legends leaks, Crypto is coming. And in response to one theorist, he might arrive in Kings Canyon as quickly as tomorrow.

Who is Crypto?

Korean legend Talchum was the primary upcoming legend Respawn ever confirmed us. They hid him in the background of a chunk of promo artwork that includes Pathfinder. So, all of us inadvertently received a glimpse of him across the time Apex Legends launched. We know he will compete in the Apex Games beneath the moniker Crypto.

Respawn’s official Apex Legends launch artwork featured a hidden Crypto in the background.

More not too long ago, YouTuber Staycation launched a video detailing a fairly wild and thrilling theory involving the legend. It connects the current Crypto teaser discovered in recreation information with the narrative of Wattson’s arrival.

According to the theory – which could be very fashionable with the Apex group – Crypto performs a task in Season 2’s opening occasion. Specifically, he’s the trigger behind it. The legend’s leaked skillset facilities round hacking and “jamming.” Supposedly, he will use these skills to sabotage the Repulsor gear. The gear in query is accountable for holding the Leviathans at bay. Incidentally, we already know the opening occasion will contain the Leviathans marching into Kings Canyon from the ocean.

Staycation believes this will all unfold tomorrow.

Surprise reveal

According to his theory, Respawn may unveil Crypto on June 18. After all, Apex‘s Season 1 Battle Pass ends then, as does the Legendary Hunt occasion. Then there’s a massive, two-week hole left till the official begin of Season 2 on July 2. Staycation believes one thing has to fill that hole. And for the Wattson-fixes-Repulsor narrative to play out, that one thing must be Crypto.

Of course, that is only a theory. It’s solely potential Respawn has no plans for an occasion in the time between tomorrow and Season 2 launches. We will discover out actually quickly both means.

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