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Ondřej Stráský wins Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship VI – Daily Esports

This weekend marked the final main Magic: The Gathering match earlier than an anticipated shakeup on Nov. 18’s banlist announcement. Oko, Thief of Crowns and the Food engine that accompanies him have been Standard tyrants since their printing. This weekend proved no totally different, with a baffling 69 % of decks having Oko someplace within the 75. Ondřej Stráský would go on to win Mythic Championship VI along with his specific model of Oko.

Not taking part in Green was incorrect

Every high eight deck this match was a inexperienced technique. Eli Klassis performed Golgari Adventure whereas Andrew Cuneo introduced the Selesnya variant. They had been the one gamers that made high eight with out Oko, and each had been eradicated within the quarterfinals. We’ve identified this all season, however Oko’s sheer energy degree in comparison with the remainder of the sphere is exceptional. The hottest technique to eschew inexperienced mana was Jeskai Fires of Invention. Grzegorz Kowalski piloted the deck to a ninth place end. Scarce different methods confirmed up, akin to Mardu Knights and the Azorious Control deck that loved some success at MagicFest Lyon. The professionals had a stable month to attempt to crack the Oko code, however evidently “join them” proved essentially the most successful possibility.

Fires of invention art

Pictured: The November 18 Banhammer

Ondřej Stráský takes Oko all the way in which to the highest

We all anticipated an Oko deck to win the trophy this weekend, and Ondřej Stráský was no exception. There had been numerous Sultai and Bant variants main as much as the match, however Stráský determined to disregard a 3rd coloration and go pure Simic. A black or white splash gave gamers entry to items of interplay like Noxious Grasp or singularly highly effective playing cards like Teferi, Time Raveler. Stráský, nonetheless, felt that blue and inexperienced gave him loads of instruments to capitalize on his opposition’s greedier mana base. Aether Gust proved to be a really tough tempo play on many events, and Mass Manipulation broke in any other case cramped boards to clear a path to victory.

Mass Manipulation

I like your Nissa. I feel I’ll take it.

Finals stuffed with Food

Stráský managed to dodge the 2 non-meals decks within the high eight bracket, most significantly Selesnya Adventure. Without entry to Massacre Girl, Stráský’s Simic deck can usually get run over by the huge boards Selesnya can produce. Instead, Stráský noticed Sultai Food in each his quarter and semi-ultimate matches, making convincing work of each. Despite missing a 3rd coloration for extra choices, Stráský had very environment friendly and versatile threats in Brazen Borrower and Gadwick, the Wizened (out of the sideboard). Food decks don’t historically have numerous fliers, and Stráský used Brazen Borrower to use this with an evasive risk on in any other case gummed-up boards.

Stráský’s ultimate Mythic Championship VI opponent was Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa. Da Rosa (affectionately known as PVDDR) introduced an nearly an identical record to this occasion, and the mirror-match finals had been an absolute nail biter. PVDDR picked up the primary win, misplaced the second, and received the third. Game 4 was superb. PVDDR was on the draw, and each gamers started with a pair of Paradise Druid. PVDDR crucially resolved the primary Nissa, Who Shakes the World. This format has taught us that being the primary and final participant to manage a Planeswalker usually decides the sport. Despite slowly being crushed below stress, Stráský managed to stem the bleeding with a wild sequence of performs.

Brazen Borrower

What’s within the bottle, man?!

Stráský laid (bounced) his head on the desk, as if in disbelief that he had pressured a sport 5. Unfortunately for PVDDR, he needed to take a mulligan to 5 in sport 5 (for the second time in high eight!). Despite constructing a powerful board, he wasn’t in a position to sustain with Stráský’s curve and in the end fell to the Czech powerhouse after a miraculously high-decked Mass Manipulation. Congratulations to the winner of Mythic Championship VI, Ondřej Stráský.

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