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Magic: The Gathering banned list update drops for Modern & Commander – Daily Esports

This morning Wizards of the Coast introduced a number of adjustments to the banned and restricted list (the “banlist”) for each Magic: The Gathering Modern and Commander. There’s so much to cowl with these adjustments, so lets soar proper into it!

Modern banned adjustments

Everyone is bored with the brand new Hogaak Bridgevine deck at this level. It’s obnoxiously constant and boasts a win ratio of over 60 % in sport one. It has warped the complete Modern meta round it. Several decks have resorted to predominant-decking Surgical Extraction simply to cope with the deck. This has left many gamers (and us) hoping for successful to Hogaak. Thankfully, the deck did: Bridge from Below is now banned.

Bridge from Below

The card offers you free sources flip after flip and could be very troublesome for the common deck to work together with. It allows the Hogaak combo kill and is more likely to proceed to interrupt graveyard decks. With this in thoughts, WOTC swung the ban hammer. Also in consideration for banning have been Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Altar of Dementia. However, they weren’t hit since they have been seen much less as combo items and extra as “value engines.”

Not even getting into the dialogue for banning was Faithless Looting. The pink cantrip continues to allow graveyard decks and different degenerate methods. It is at present the third most performed card, with 26 % of Modern decks utilizing it. Only Leyline of the Void and Lightning Bolt rank increased. Also, Stoneforge Mystic and Splinter Twin weren’t talked about as doable unbannings, regardless of participant outcry for them to return again. If you need to learn the total assertion by WOTC, take a look at the official announcement.

Commander banned adjustments

The format of 99 playing cards noticed two bannings and one unbanning. Many gamers have been sad with the inconsistency of their banned and restricted list and have been hoping that this new list would deliver a small overhaul to the format. Whether or not these adjustments are precisely what the format wanted stays to be seen. The first of those a lot-anticipated bans is Paradox Engine.

Paradox Engine

Paradox Engine | Magic MTG Modern / Commander banlist banned update

The 5-mana artifact has been infamous since day one. Players have been fast to acknowledge its combo potential. It was swiftly slotted into many decks and shortly grew to become notorious. Long, obnoxious combos grew to become the norm. What made it absolutely the worst was how lengthy it took for combos to play out. Tapping and untapping, floating a bunch of mana, after which *perhaps* discovering a win situation have been usually sufficient to place many gamers to sleep. There’s little-to-no value to inserting it into any deck, and so it needed to go. Perhaps this indicators that extra degenerate combo items shall be hit sooner or later.

Iona, Shield of Emeria

Iona | Magic MTG Modern / Commander banlist banned update

Nobody likes being locked out of the sport, however Iona, Shield of Emeria did simply that to too many mono-coloured decks. She’s straightforward to reanimate and doesn’t serve a lot of a goal aside from as a hate piece. She’s now banned, so the texture-unhealthy second of “I can’t play the game,” will hopefully occur a bit much less usually. The banning is considerably out of left subject for many gamers. No one actually anticipated the cardboard to be hit, fairly one thing extra alongside the traces of Mana Crypt. Either method, we extremely doubt anybody will complain about not seeing the cardboard throughout the desk.

Painter’s Servant

Painter's Servant

Painter’s Servant is now again in EDH. Many gamers would possibly marvel why it was banned within the first place. Sure, the impact is odd, nevertheless it doesn’t appear too loopy on its floor degree. However, the cardboard veils a large quantity of combo potential. Pair it with the now-banned Iona (Maybe that’s why she needed to go.) and immediately everybody can’t play the sport. A Grindstone activation with it immediately mills out any participant. Any card that blows up coloured permanents immediately kills lands (similar to All Is Dust). No doubt about it, the cardboard could be very highly effective. It’ll be attention-grabbing to see how gamers put it to use within the coming months. If you need to learn a full clarification in regards to the Commander adjustments, take a look at the official publish.


Overall, these adjustments are certain to shake up each Magic: The Gathering Modern and Commander. However, the brand new lists felt missing in adjustments and left many gamers feeling there needs to be extra playing cards banned (and unbanned). Modern is rapidly changing into too quick for many rogue decks, and Commander has rather more degenerate lockout and combo items nonetheless on the free. However, solely time will inform whether or not extra motion must be taken.

Do you agree with the Magic adjustments? Is there a Magic card you wished banned (or to return again) that acquired handed over? Let us know down within the feedback beneath!



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