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For anybody who began journey from Dota 1 and the W3C engine, they’ll know customized video games, or slightly customized maps, have been an enormous a part of the expertise. The customized video games in Dota 2 introduced a few of that again, however not one of the video games actually acquired too standard (Overthrow perhaps?!). Till now. Dota Auto Chess is customized recreation that has change into crazily standard in the previous few days. The recreation has greater than 1.eight million subscribers, that’s proper, 1.eight million! At any given time, there are near 50000 individuals enjoying the sport together with standard streamers like SingSing and BSJ. BSJ even hosted a $5000 Dota Auto Chess match for the subscribers of his Twitch channel. Dota Auto Chess has undoubtedly introduced one thing new to the Dota 2 universe and it’s being appreciated for the great product that it’s. But as in case of most video games, the sport just isn’t straight ahead. It has its complexities which make it a bit troublesome to decipher and add to the enjoyable on the identical time. For a brand new participant, it may well get very complicated within the first few video games. Let’s take a fast have a look at how Dota Auto Chess is to be performed and the intricacies concerned in it.


Game Start

The recreation begins with you because the courier. The courier is the piece that controls all the pieces. There are a complete of eight gamers and the final survivor is the winner. Every participant has his personal battlefield that appears like a chess board. The first a part of the method is to pick a hero. Every participant’s preliminary gold is 1 and all of the preliminary heroes obtainable value 1 gold. The first course of to pick a hero.

You will discover that each hero falls into two classes – Species and Class. For instance, Bounty Hunter is Goblin species and Assassin class whereas Dragon Knight has Human and Dragon as species and Knight as class. There are a complete of 52 heroes in Dota Auto Chess proper now and all of them are divided in line with species and sophistication. Dragon Knight, Lycan and Puck are the one three heroes which have two species related to them. Every hero has one means from Dota 2 and it performs an enormous half in how good a sure hero is.

The classes play an necessary function in formulating methods, however extra on that later. For now, after you have the primary hero, click on on the courier, click on ‘T’ and transfer the hero wherever in your half of the chess board.  The first three rounds are battling it out towards creeps. The creeps drop gadgets which might be picked up utilizing the courier and might be given to heroes. After each spherical, you acquire expertise which will get you ranges. As you acquire ranges, you’ll be able to have extra heroes on the board.

In the picture above, the tab on high says 2/three chesses. That means the participant presently has 2 heroes on the board for now and may have a most of three. The participant’s gold might be seen to the proper of that. Gold can be utilized to purchase heroes or acquire fast expertise (5 gold for four expertise factors) to stage up. Pressing ‘alt’ reveals what number of extra factors are wanted for a stage up. Items can’t be bought with gold and are solely obtainable after they fall after killing impartial creeps.

As the sport goes on, you rack up extra gold and should purchase extra heroes. All heroes initially are 1-star heroes. Putting three 1-begin heroes (identical hero) on the chess board on the identical time combines them to make a 2-star hero. For instance, three 1-star Luna’s on the board will give a participant one 2-star Luna. Three 2-star Luna’s will give one three-begin Luna. So mainly to get a three-begin model of a hero, a participant will want 9 1-star variations of the hero! Upgrading a hero will increase his/her HP, talent stage and the injury performed to the enemy courier.In case the 5 heroes showing in entrance of you aren’t those you need, you’ll be able to all the time spend 2 gold, refresh and get a recent set of 5 new heroes. But keep in mind, if the brand new set additionally doesn’t have any good hero, that’s 2 gold misplaced completely. Heroes might be offered for the worth them have been purchased for. The button to promote is to the left of the refresh button on the courier.




As your stage will increase, be sure to put extra heroes on the market on the board. By the tip of spherical three, everyone seems to be at stage three and has three heroes of their arsenal. Round 4 is when the battles between gamers begin. Whatever military you will have on the chess board will tackle the military of a random participant that may come on the opposite half of your board. At the identical time, your hero military will journey to another person’s board to problem them on their house turf (it might be any of the opposite seven gamers). The battle takes place routinely with out the gamers having to do something. An auto battle on a battle discipline that appears like a chess board utilizing Dota 2 heroes – Dota Auto Chess! That’s one of many huge mysteries of life solved.

Home turf battle
If you win the battle on your private home turf, i.e., by yourself chess board, the courier takes no injury. But in case you lose, the courier takes injury relying on what number of models are standing. The complete injury taken is:

Damage = Total variety of stars remaining + Total variety of summons

If a three star Nature’s Prophet, 2 star Juggernaut and a Treant is left standing on the finish, the full injury the courier will take will likely be three+2+1 = 6. When your courier takes 100 injury, you lose. Initially the injury is low. But in a while within the recreation when gamers include massive armies, that injury tends to extend.

Away turf battle
At the identical time if you find yourself defending your board, the identical military of heroes you will have additionally travels to another person’s board to battle them. If you win, the opposite participant’s courier finally ends up taking injury.



There are plenty of methods concerned within the recreation. The fundamental rule is, you probably have a number of heroes of the identical species or class, there’s a bonus related to it. For instance:

– If you will have three Warriors on the board, the armor of all pleasant Warriors will likely be elevated by eight

– If you will have 2 Trolls on the board, assault velocity of all pleasant Trolls is elevated by 30

And there are such advantages for each species and sophistication! That offers you an concept of all of the completely different potentialities and combos. Certain species/lessons are good early recreation however don’t scale into the late recreation whereas others take a beating early on however develop stronger as the sport progresses. That’s one thing for each participant to expertise as he/she unlocks the secrets and techniques of Dota Auto Chess.

Positioning the items in a sure manner additionally makes a distinction. The tanks are to be stored forward whereas ranged injury sellers like Tinker and Lina are finest stored behind. But the Assassin class makes positive that they leap to the backlines to kill these ranged injury sellers so in some battles, that technique can completely fail!



Gold might be earned in 3 ways in Dota Auto Chess:

1) Defeating an opponent will get 1 gold
2) Having a successful streak or dropping streak (sure, dropping streak) can rise up to three gold
three) Interest which is 10% of your residual gold

There are literally methods based mostly on dropping early recreation, racking up the gold with dropping streaks and curiosity after which coming again robust to win!


I’ve simply performed a handful of Dota Auto Chess video games and I’m already hooked! With the sport getting so standard, it’s protected to say Valve will likely be wanting into it and speaking with the creators to make it into one thing higher and extra organized. Well, a minimum of that’s what I hope!


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