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Two weeks have handed, which suggests we’ve got one more set of stability modifications to go over — this time it’s Teamfight Tactics patch 9.21! Now, that is not at all a giant patch. In reality, it’s the alternative. There’s simply not a complete lot to go over (a minimum of not when in comparison with what we’re used to seeing), however should you’re a Teamfight Tactics common then it’s price your time nonetheless.

Ranked play might be disabled as soon as patch 9.22 is launched however will make a return with patch 9.23, so should you’re seeking to climb the ladder now can be a very good time to take action!

With that out of the best way, let’s take a more in-depth take a look at Teamfight Tactics patch 9.21 and what it brings to the desk!

Player Damage

Riot realized that participant harm is, without delay, too low within the early phases of the sport and in addition too excessive come late. To counteract this, they’re “pulling level-up damage” from champions and as an alternative placing it into their base harm. You can see how every tier’s harm is being hit beneath.

1-Star by Tier: from 1/1/2/2/Three to 1/1/1/2/Three.

2-Star by Tier: from 2/2/Three/four/5 to 2/2/2/Three/four.

Three-Star by Tier: from Three/four/5/6/eight to three/Three/Three/5/eight.

Champions’ Base Damage goes up from 1/2/2/Three/four/5 to three/Three/Three/four/5/6.

Trait Changes

Riot is delivery a number of trait modifications. In quick, Guardians, Hextech and Knights are all getting nerfs, whereas Rangers and Sorcerers are getting buffed.

Guardians may have barely much less bonus Armor (from 45 to 40).

Hextech Item Disable period goes down from 7 seconds to five seconds.

Knights will now block 15/30/60 harm as an alternative of 15/35/60.

Rangers will acquire extra Attack Speed (from 25/70% to 40/70%).

Sorcerer’s will now acquire extra Ability Power (from 40/100/175% to 40/120/200%).

Champion Changes

Lissandra’s mana (beginning/complete) goes up from zero/85 to zero/95.

Varus’ Attack Damage goes up from 50 to 60.

Brand’s Pyroclasm will now have an extended bounce vary (from 2 Hexes to three Hexes) and can now journey sooner.

Cho’Gath’s Spell Damage goes up from 175/350/525 to 200/400/600.

Draven’s Attack Damage goes down from 70 to 65.

Pantheon’s Armor goes down from 80 to 70.

Item Changes

Locket of the Iron Solari’s impact will now final for eight seconds as an alternative of seven seconds.

Redemption’s well being threshold goes up from 25% to 30%.

Repeating Crossbow’s Attack Speed and Critical Chance per stack goes up from 20% to 30%.

Spear of Shojin’s mana restoration goes up from 15% to 18%.

Trap Claw’s stun period goes down from 5 seconds to four seconds.

That’s it for our Teamfight Tactics patch 9.21 breakdown! If you wish to go over the patch in a extra official method you may click on right here to go to Riot’s official web site! Finally, you may learn our common patch breakdown by clicking right here.



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