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Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.21: Full notes and updates – Dot Esports

Say goodbye to Set One in Teamfight Tactics—Rise of the Elements is rapidly approaching.

In two weeks, the subsequent rotation of TFT champions, lessons, and origins will substitute the outdated, introducing a completely new metagame.

To usher out the outdated, Riot is releasing one final mini-patch, bringing with it a set of steadiness modifications to participant injury, traits, champions, and gadgets.

Here are the entire modifications coming to TFT in Patch 9.21.


Patch 9.21 would be the final patch through which gamers can proceed climbing the ranked ladder in TFT’s first season. Ranked play might be deactivated in Patch 9.22 for the beginning of Rise of Elements to guarantee that Riot has fastened any main bugs or steadiness points. It’ll return in Patch 9.23

Player injury

Player injury is each too low within the early sport and too excessive within the late sport, in response to Riot. This leads gamers to make the most of utilizing the early sport to stockpile gold, in addition to unlucky late-sport losses when making an attempt to vary up technique or unit placements. Riot is taking the extent-up injury from champions and placing it into their base injury to counteract these tendencies.

One-star by tier: Decreased from 1/half/2/three to 1/1/half/3two-star by tier: Decreased from 2/2/three/four/5 to 2/2/2/three/4three-star by tier: Decreased from three/four/5/6/eight to three/three/three/5/8Base injury: Increased from half/2/three/four/5 to three/three/three/four/5/6


Guardian bonus armor decreased from 45 to 40.Hextech merchandise disable length decreased from seven seconds to 5 seconds.Knight injury blocked from 15/35/60 to 15/30/60.Rangers bonus assault velocity elevated from 25 p.c/70 p.c to 40 p.c/70 p.c.Sorcerer potential energy elevated from 40 p.c/100 p.c/175 p.c to 40 p.c/120 p.c/200 p.c.


Image by way of Riot GamesLissandra beginning/complete mana elevated from zero/85 to zero/95.Image by way of Riot GamesVarus assault injury elevated from 50 to 60.Image by way of Riot Video gamesBrand Pyroclasm bounce vary elevated from two hexes to a few hexes.Brand Pyroclasm missle velocity elevated.Image by way of Riot GamesCho’Gath spell injury elevated from 175/350/525 to 200/400/600.Draven assault injury decreased from 70 to 65.Image by way of Riot GamesPantheon armor decreased from 80 to 70.


Locket of the Iron Solari length elevated from seven to eight seconds.Redemption well being threshold elevated from 25 p.c to 30 p.c.Repeating Crossbow assault velocity and crucial likelihood per stack elevated from 20 p.c to 30 p.c.Spear of Shojin mana restoration elevated from 15 p.c to 18 p.c.Trap Claw stun length decreased from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.


Kai’Sa’s spell tooltip now correctly scales with potential energy.Coins don’t launch as far.Adjusted a couple of of the drops in Thieves Gloves.Draven not has a better assault velocity ratio than supposed.



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