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Ridiculous Teamfight Tactics Set 2 strategy floods board with units – Dexerto

Twitch streamer DisguisedToast demonstrated a ridiculous strategy within the new Teamfight Tactics “Set Two” that allowed him to flood the board with copies of his Zed.

Set Two is a whole refresh for Teamfight Tactics, with an entire new solid of champions, origins, lessons, and a few new environmental mechanics.

The replace isn’t but out there within the reside sport, however it’s now out there for testing on the Public Beta Environment, and plenty of gamers, together with DisguisedToast – one of many sport’s high gamers and streamers – have been exploring the brand new prospects.

While there are some returning champions, they too have been up to date – Zed, for example, is now a 5-value unit whose capacity is Living Shadow, which permits him to create a shadow model of himself behind an enemy with the identical objects and stats as the unique. The shadow can even create a shadow of its personal.

With the suitable mixture of composition and objects, DisguisedToast was in a position to put collectively a strategy that resulted in actually dozens of Zed’s Shadows flooding the board, inflicting him to win the spherical with considerably extra units than he began with.

The strategy depends on a mixture of the objects Zed has on him, and the composition he’s in. Most importantly, he’s carrying the Spear of Shojin, which permits him to achieve mana to solid Living Shadow extra rapidly, and a Mage’s Cap, a brand new merchandise that makes the wielder a Mage.

The Mage is a brand new class that has changed the Sorcerer, and its bonus impact offers Mages the prospect to solid their skills twice, with a 100% likelihood of doing so when six Mages are on the sphere.

Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is getting a significant overhaul in its “Set 2” replace.

By giving this class bonus to Zed, alongside with the flexibility to generate mana considerably sooner, the end result was an insane charge of replication, inflicting an enormous variety of units to look for a convincing and hilarious victory.

It’s nonetheless very early days for Teamfight Tactics, and with so many modifications having been made to the sport without delay it’s inevitable that some champions, traits, or methods will show too highly effective. In this explicit case, it stays to be seen if Riot will tone down this tactic, or whether or not a transparent counter to such a strategy will develop naturally.



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