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Scarra explains new Elemental Hexes debuting in Teamfight Tactics Set 2 – Dot Esports

If the new champions, lessons, origins, and gadgets weren’t sufficient, an Elemental Hex characteristic is coming to Teamfight Tactics with Set Two: Rise of the Elements.

Twitch instructional streamer William “scarra” Li revealed Elemental Hexes yesterday, a core mechanic coming to Riot Games’ autobattler which will dramatically shift the meta. In protecting true to the “elemental” theme, particular person hexes on the board might be altered by hearth, wind, water, and earth—only one wanting summoning Captain Planet.

“So every game, there will be Elemental Hexes on the board,” scarra stated. “They’ll be positioned randomly throughout the board and you can put your units on them to gain buffs.”

Every ingredient has its personal hex and offers a special bonus to the unit standing on it.

Image by way of Riot Games

The Ocean Elemental Hex provides a unit an additional 30 mana at first of the spherical. Units who profit from getting their final sooner, like Lux, can be supreme candidates. The Inferno Hex is ideal for auto-attacking models, like Twitch or Vayne. It will increase the champion’s assault velocity by 30 %. Wind Hexes give models a little bit of Yordle magic, growing dodge likelihood by 30 %. And Mountain Hexes make tanky champions, like Malphite, even tankier. The champion’s everlasting hit factors (HP) improve by 30 each spherical for the remainder of the sport.

Only two components will seem per sport and so they’ll spawn at particular factors in the match. The first Elemental Hex seems after the preliminary carousel and the second spawns at spherical three-1, in line with scarra.

Image by way of Riot Games

Each participant will get the identical Elemental Hex and it’ll be positioned in the identical place on everybody’s board. Units might want to have an merchandise slot obtainable, nonetheless, because the Elemental Hex takes one up.

This mechanic will pressure gamers to shift their models’ positioning round to maximise the bonus from the hexes. It’ll additionally have an effect on merchandise prioritization since gamers might must sacrifice utilizing a 3rd merchandise for a hex’s bonus.

Set Two: Rise of the Elements is now on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and it’ll go to the dwell servers in early November.



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