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Teamfight Tactics 9.21 patch aims to knock Lissandra, Pantheon, and Draven down a peg – InvenGlobal

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▲ Lissandra is being nerfed in subsequent week’s patch.


On Friday morning, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, the lead designer of Riot Game’s Teamfight Tactics, unveiled particulars of what is to are available in subsequent week’s 9.21 patch, the ultimate one earlier than Set 2 kicks off.


To the delight of those that have been enjoying the sport since 9.20 went reside, Pantheon, and the Guardian bonus as a entire, are being nerfed. Additionally, Lissandra and Draven are being knocked down a few pegs when it comes to their effectiveness. The Hextech origin is being tweaked as effectively.


The full tentative adjustments are beneath:



On the opposite facet of the coin, quite a few objects, origins, and items are receiving buffs to assist create a more healthy metagame going ahead. Two Demon items, Brand and Varus, are seeing a increase to their stats, which inadvertently helps their primary origin in addition to Ranger, which is being buffed as effectively. A trio of underwhelming objects are being enhanced to, in concept, put them on-par with others when gamers are tasked with the inevitable query of “Should I make this item or this one?”


The patch is anticipated to go reside subsequent Wednesday prior to Set 2 being launched inside the subsequent few weeks.



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