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Dota 2 Introduces New Hero: Mars, God Of War And First Son Of Heaven – TheGamer

There’s a loopy quantity of heroes already obtainable in Dota 2. Chances are when you’ve got a selected play type, Dota 2 will have a hero that matches up with you completely. And now one other hero has been added to the pile, bringing the hero depend as much as a staggering 116.

Mars is the latest hero to be added to the ever-rising MOBA. Mars is the newest Dota 2 hero since Grimstroke, who joined the sport again in August 2018. He’s listed as a Strength hero and may have a heavy emphasis on melee fight. Mars has been teased for fairly a while now. In truth when Grimstroke launched, Mars was introduced across the identical time and was mentioned to be due out within the winter.

Mars is named the “God Of War,” which is sensible as Mars is the Roman god of conflict (Ares was in fact the Greek god of conflict, and Kratos got here a lot a lot later). It’s not the primary time that an historical god from historical past has been used as the premise for a brand new  Dota character, as Zeus is a personality that’s been within the sport for fairly a while.

His backstory additionally appears fairly much like the Mars of historical past. In the official announcement on the Dota 2 web site, Mars is described because the “first son of heaven,” and as for his extracurricular actions he “spent a long existence waging endless war, and saw countless more crusades waged in his old name.” Sounds like a god of conflict alright. Now it appears he’s grown bored with limitless battles and needs to take over the world of Dota.

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As for his talents, Mars has quite a lot of melee assaults at his disposal. His spear, aptly named the Spear Of Mars, may be thrown and can skewer the primary hero it hits. The skewered hero is then pushed again and if he/she/it hits a wall or tree of some sort it will likely be impaled. He additionally has a large defend which might used to dam injury from the entrance or aspect, or used for the transfer God’s Rebuke which smashes and knocks again different heroes. Finally Mars can summon some undead troopers to create the Arena Of Blood, which can assault heroes caught within it, and block injury from heroes outdoors of it.

It will likely be attention-grabbing to see how Mars adjustments up the sport. Dota 2’s hero roster is now completely huge, and can in all probability solely proceed to develop. No extra new content material has introduced or hinted at but, nevertheless it wouldn’t be shocking to listen to one thing a couple of new hero a while earlier than the following Invitational.

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