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Io relocates to the Dota Auto Chess test server, Ogre Magi and Lich removed – VPEsports

Dota Auto Chess test server acquired a brand new replace at present, April 27, with a brand new chess piece to be part of the Elf-Druids.

Io will act like a Druid, however with a twist. The chess piece will assist another two non Druids to degree up to a two star or three star piece. However for now, Io himself can’t be upgraded to a 3 star piece.

Test server replace April, 27


New Chess Piece: Io (Elf/Druid)

1 star Io can be utilized as an all-arounder piece to assist  another allied 1 star piece to degree up; 2 star Io can be utilized as an all-arounder piece to assist  another allied 2 star piece to degree up;

Io prices four gold and the quantity of Io in a single recreation equals the quantity of 5 gold items in that recreation.

Only one Io piece can be utilized when serving to different items to degree up

Removed Ogre Magi and Lich from the chess pool.

Added Wolf Howl voice at spherical 15 to remind gamers to reposition their chess items.


Ogre trait “Two Heads” reworked: All allied items max hp elevated by 5%. Bonus max hp from totally different Ogre items doesn’t stack.Mage Synergy: Magic Resistance discount modified from -45/-35 to -35/-45Knight Synergy: Divine Protection proc likelihood modified from 40%/40% to 40%/30%

Alchemist is now Goblin/Ogre/Warlock.

Tes server replace April 26


When there are solely two gamers left in a recreation, each gamers will obtain a fatigue debuff after 5 rounds.

Fatigue: All couriers well being factors get halved.

Added a button for you to test extra detailed info (Your on-board chess star degree, your on-board synergies, whole injury dealt to different couriers, and many others.)


Shallow Grave length diminished from 5s to 4sPriest Trait “Shield” injury discount modified from 30% to 20%

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