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For Teamfight Tactics gamers who is perhaps misplaced after the discharge of Patch 9.20, one fellow competitor might be able to assist.

A TFT fan posted a spreadsheet on Reddit as we speak that outlines an inventory of team compositions utilized by Challenger gamers. The chart additionally offers perception into potential builds, objects, and methods to place your items.

Here are the highest-three team comps for TFT Patch 9.20.

Imperial Knights

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This comp, utilized by EUW Challenger gamers LeDuck and Sologesang, makes Swain, Katarina, and Draven the carries. Placing a Morellonomicon and Guardian Angel on Swain, in addition to a Rapid Fire Cannon and Bloodthirster on Draven, will make them nearly unattainable to take out.

The 4-unit Imperial bonus offers all items of that class double injury. This signifies that Swain, Katarina, Draven, and Darius will hit like a truck, particularly with the optimum objects.

It’s additionally crucial that gamers obtain a six-unit Knight bonus, which permits each unit in your board to disregard the primary 60 injury they take. To do that, gamers must put a Knight’s Vow on Katarina. Even although Patch 9.20 nerfed the six-unit Knight buff, which was beforehand 65 ignored injury, the category continues to be overpowered.

Place your Sejuani in entrance to tank all of the injury whereas your carries destroy all the things from the backline. Katarina, together with two Frozen Hearts, will soar into the enemies and gradual each unit’s assault pace for a devastating counter to Wild and Rangers.

Dragon Guardians

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In maintaining with custom, this construct focuses extra on tankiness and ignoring as a lot injury as potential.

Patch 9.20 was pleasant to Guardians, rising the Armor bonus they provide to surrounding allies from 35 to 45. Using Leona and Pantheon, gamers can stack the Guardian buff on all their items, whereas a 4-unit Knight bonus permits you to ignore an excellent chunk of injury.

Using Pantheon and Aurelion Sol because the carries, the items will profit from the Dragon, Guardian, and Knight bonus making them impenetrable obelisks of terror. Put a Morellonomicon and a Rabadon’s Deathcap in your A Sol and watch the cosmic dragon destroy all the things in its path.

Players may wish to choose for the Mordekaiser and Karthus Phantom buff, which may take out an opposing unit earlier than the spherical even begins. Players will profit from making one in all their non-magical items right into a Sorcerer with Yuumi, reminiscent of Sejuani or Pantheon.

Jinx’s meat-defend

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Jinx has returned in TFT after the Giant Slayer launched a a lot-wanted counter to beefy items. The merchandise offers gamers additional injury and assault pace, whereas dealing 5 p.c of a goal’s most well being and bonus true injury with each auto assault.

By putting the psychotic Gunslinger behind a wall of tanks, gamers can shield the carry from Assassin comps. The six-unit Brawler bonus will give all of your meat-shields an additional 900 well being, making them indestructible. 

Vi is a necessity since her and Jinx will present the Hextech bonus, disabling your opponent’s objects for a short time frame.

Challenger gamers additionally throw in a Blitzcrank or two to carry the opponent’s weaker items into the mosh pit. Jinx will be capable to proc her final faster this manner, getting “excited” from taking out the 2 items after which dealing splash injury along with her rockets.

The meta is more likely to shift as gamers proceed to experiment in 9.20—however something’s higher than Wild Assassins.



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