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Season zero of Dota Auto Chess has come to a shut, and the tip of the sport’s inaugural season naturally means a massive patch with loads of new options. The largest additions are two new items – Io and Dazzle – however there are a great deal of different adjustments and stability tweaks to spherical out the patch notes and convey some new enjoyable for the rising Auto Chess participant rely.

Io is a new legendary unit with out a class. You can get Io at any courier stage – not like different legendary items – and it isn’t drawn from a pool, that means you can theoretically infinite Ios. It acts as a wild card unit, so you may match it with another pair of items to behave as a third and get a levelled-up piece.

Dazzle is a bit extra conventional, although he’s from the underrepresented Troll race. He’s a Priest, and his bonus will get your courier a 20% harm defend so long as it’s on the sphere, as Polygon notes. He’s obtained the Shallow Grave capacity, which is able to present 4 seconds of demise prevention for an allied piece – and when Dazzle ranges up, he can present that bonus to a number of items.

The newest updates additionally add new loading screens and a refreshed submit-sport panel. You’ll see reworks for Blade Mail and Knights’ Divine Protection, too – and you may get extra particulars on these within the official notes.

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Season zero is completed, and the subsequent season is scheduled to begin tomorrow. In the meantime, you may declare your seasonal rewards, and apply up for the subsequent spherical earlier than these video games are in a position to contribute to your rating.

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