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Is the Jeweled Gauntlet a good Teamfight Tactics merchandise? – Dot Esports

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.19 graced the autobattler with a variety of new objects, certainly one of which is the Jeweled Gauntlet. Since its speedy rise to reputation, although, one fan has questioned the merchandise’s effectivity.

A TFT fan posted an in-depth evaluation on Reddit right now that examines the Jeweled Gauntlet’s harm compared to the Ability Power (AP) powerhouse, Rabadon’s Deathcap.

The Gauntlet provides items 20 % essential strike probability and 20 additional AP, whereas additionally permitting the wearer’s particular skill to crit. Rabadon’s, on the different hand, will increase a unit’s AP by a flat 50 %, whereas additionally giving 40 AP.

Screengrab by way of u/Marvelm

At first look, the fan decided that Rabadon’s Deathcap beats out the Jeweled Gauntlet the majority of the time. With an extra 20 % crit probability, nonetheless, the Jeweled Gauntlet’s harm attracts near its rival.

But the fan didn’t cease there.

Screengrab by way of u/Marvelm

To assess the Jeweled Gauntlet’s ceiling, the TFT fan calculated the merchandise’s probability of “highrolling,” or essential putting, as typically as attainable.

The artful fan found that the Jeweled Gauntlet has to learn from the Assassin bonus, which provides elevated crit probability and harm, to hit its most potential.

“Using the Gauntlet on an Assassin unit with 3xAssassin bonus it beats the Deathcap heavily (57,48% and 59,31% of times for 3 and 5 hits respectively),” the participant stated.

To get the greatest output from this merchandise, a participant should place it on an Assassin that’s benefiting from the six-unit bonus, together with an Infinity Edge. The optimum unit to put the merchandise on is Katarina, on account of the space of impact (AoE) harm on her final that may hit and crit a number of champions.

The fan concludes that the Jeweled Gauntlet is a situational merchandise that isn’t as efficient as Rabadon’s generally. So the subsequent time TFT gamers have a Sparring Glove on their sideline, they might wish to take into account constructing different objects with it as a substitute.



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