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Chess Rush Tencent autobattle auto chessChess Rush Tencent autobattle auto chess


Tencent simply dropped their autobattler, Chess Rush, and we’re sorry to report there aren’t any surprises. The mechanics, gameplay, artwork model, and models ought to be very familiar to anybody who has performed another title within the style.

Chess Rush gameplay

The recreation is free to play and out there solely on cell. It launched with a 52-unit roster, and virtually all of them are Auto Chess staples. In truth, once you hop into your first match, you’ll instantly be assailed by time-examined opening builds like Scrappy Inventors, which on this case is known as Cyborg Engineers. You like Underlords‘ Trolls? Don’t fear, Chess Rush‘s Goblins are the identical factor.

There are just a few new concepts right here and there. Fans of Dota Auto Chess‘s Beast models could get pleasure from an analogous class in Chess Rush. It can summon token Pet models and is known as… Beast. There can be a Furry unit class. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Chess Rush Tencent auto autobattle chess

Chess Rush Tencent auto autobattle chess

Items are a factor on this recreation too, and so they work in a approach much like objects in Teamfight Tactics. Units can equip a number of objects every, and mixing copies of the identical one creates a stronger merchandise.

Chess Rush has a Battle Pass and the aggressive monetization ways typical of cell releases. Just logging in items gamers with copious quantities of in-recreation foreign money, which could be spent on cosmetics.

Fairy story autobattler

The artwork model is the place Chess Rush shines. While it undoubtedly has the normal Blizzard-inspired fantasy really feel, it places a noticeable fairy story twist on it. The unit designs are fairly, and a few even present originality. The general artwork route is gentle-hearted and joyful. If you may consider Chess Rush as a re-pores and skin moderately than a new recreation, it’s truly fairly good.

Chess Rush tencent autobattler auto chess battler

Chess Rush tencent autobattler auto chess battler

The Tencent recreation’s different benefit is the variety of play modes in comparison with these of different massive title autobattlers. Besides customary matches, gamers can get in Turbo Mode matches which are extra streamlined and quick-paced. Players also can battle in co-op matches with pals, or open customized lobbies and play towards bots.

At the top of the day, If you consider Underlords as Auto Chess 2, then Chess Rush is, properly, additionally Auto Chess 2. There simply isn’t sufficient there to make this recreation really feel completely different from the titles that got here earlier than it. And each Dota Auto Chess and Underlords can be found on cell, which makes Chess Rush a really questionable competitor.

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