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Viper has received another makeover in Dota Underlords, and he’s even better against Mages now – InvenGlobal

In Dota 2, Viper is a deadly ganker who wears down his enemies over time utilizing unmatched toxicity. But in Dota Underlords, he hasn’t fairly discovered his position but. Well, Valve appears to not have discovered a great position for him but. Earlier this yr the inexperienced amphitere, who on the time was a Dragon Assassin, received a further final means which could possibly be activated when he was on the board together with his draconic brethren. But in the most recent patch to Underlords, Viper is not a Dragon in any respect anymore.

Instead, he now belongs to the Scaled items alongside Medusa, Slardar, Tidehunter and Slark. Especially the latter one could possibly be of significance for Viper’s new alliance. Strategies constructed round Assassins, that are unbelievable against squishy backlines, normally perished when confronted with heavy AoE injury. With Slark and Viper as Scaled items in your lineup, nonetheless, all allies will now obtain a 30% Magic Resistance bonus as a part of the Scaled Alliance. Assassins have been good against Mages already, however they solely have turn out to be stronger with this replace.

With Viper now not being a Dragon, the aforementioned second means had no function anymore. But as an alternative of simply eradicating it, Valve has given Viper a totally new final: Nethertoxin. This targets a spot on the board, dealing appreciable injury over time to enemies standing on it.


Full patch notes:


Removed Summon Units problem.
Fixed a problem the place some skills that most well-liked the unit’s present goal (e.g. Slardar’s Corrosive Haze) could possibly be solid outdoors their most vary.
Fixed a problem the place Tusk might punch one thing so onerous it by no means returned to earth.
Added a brand new Notice animation for Tiny.



Fixed a problem the place Lycan was therapeutic an excessive amount of on shift.

Corrosive Haze:
Will now not be solid once more on a goal presently affected by it.

Venomous Gale:
While Venomancer nonetheless solely targets items inside his assault vary (three cells), the precise Gale projectile travels as much as 5 cells.
Projectile injury elevated to [30, 60, 120] from [25, 50, 100].

Viper is now a Scaled Dragon (was Dragon Assassin).
Removed Viper Strike means.
Added Nethertoxin:
Viper poisons a cell, dealing [50, 100, 150] injury per second to any enemy unit in it and disabling their passives. Duration: 5s.
Mana Cost: 50.
Cooldown: 5s.



Big-Time Contract:
Players can solely have a most of 1 of this merchandise now.


Changed to: Allied Savage items achieve +[4, 8, 15] Attack Damage every time they land an assault on an enemy. This replaces the bleed impact that might be utilized every time they landed an assault.



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