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Full Metal Monsters Review – Chaotic Dinosaur Fun With Messy Free to Play – DroidGamers

Full Metal Monsters is an epic new cell shooter than challenges you and 4 crew mates battle it out with 5 opponents for dominance over 5 key places in an enviornment. It’s principally Battlefield’s Conquest mode on a a lot smaller scale.

Right away, you’ll most likely be fairly impressed with the extent of polish. It’s a little bit of a looker, capturing is satisfying, and the controls are saved to a minimal so it’s simple to management on cell with contact controls.

There’s additionally all kinds of spectacular wanting dinosaurs to journey into battle. These differ from quick-transferring Velociraptors to flying Pterodactylus. You can equip every one with a wide range of totally different weapons from machine weapons to rocket launchers,

Each dinosaur can carry two weapons directly – both two of the identical, or two totally different. Early in your choices are restricted, however fairly shortly you’ll have the option to actually craft your individual playstyle by combining weapons and the distinctive transfer set of every dinosaur.

Dinosaurs even have their very own strengths and weaknesses, with stats like HP, Speed, Damage, Range, Armor, and Shield various between the totally different monsters. Ultimately, there’s a number of depth to customise your individual finely-tuned killing machine to carry into battle with you.

Dinosaurs have their very own strengths and weaknesses in Full Metal Monsters

But there’s a fairly noticable problem with Full Metal Monsters, and that’s how carefully it flirts with pay to win. Dinosaurs vary from free choices, which you unlock as you stage up, and paid choices. While all dinosaurs could be geared up with no matter weapons you buy or unlock, there’s no approach to customise every one’s base stats.

While we haven’t seen the complete extent of it but, it’s fairly painfully apparent that if you happen to purchase one of the best dinosaurs outright, you’re going to truly demolish on the battlefield.

Not solely that, however you’ve got to truly purchase new respawn factors – referred to as Riders – with the premium foreign money. You do get loads of this free of charge from levelling up and watching adverts, you’ll have a fairly large benefit over your opponent’s crew if you happen to purchase a bunch of those.

This additionally has detrimental results on the gameplay apart from the pay to win features. Each participant can solely spawn as soon as throughout a battle by default: proper in the beginning. Once useless, you possibly can’t respawn until you’ve got further riders.

As a consequence, matches are often over inside the first minute. However, if you happen to’ve paid for a bunch of respawns, you possibly can maintain coming till the opposing crew is all useless. You can actually pay your approach to victory with out talent even taking part in an element.

Matches are often over inside the first minute, and decided by the participant who’s spent probably the most

Not solely that, however it’s pointless making the default mode Conquest when your entire match performs out inside a minute, and all gamers simply rush to the centre to see who can kill the opposite first. We tried to play correctly, capturing factors on the periphery, however there wasn’t any actual level in doing so.

The last nail within the coffin is how painfully simple the capturing mechanics are. You don’t even want to purpose! Simply hit ‘Lock Target’ and your dinosaur will proceed to shoot the closest goal mechanically till they’re useless.

Given that each participant can do that, the competition is actually decided by who’s pumped probably the most money into their weapons. If aiming doesn’t play an element in killing an opponent first, then all you want to do is to pay for the most costly weapons to mechanically win. Again, pay to win rears its ugly face.

So whereas we have been initially impressed with the extent of visible polish on show in Full Metal Monsters, the blatantly apparent pay to win that infests your entire expertise makes it tough for us to even describe this as a sport. It’s only a fairly digital conflict of bank cards, with no talent taking part in an element in any respect.



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