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How Does Riot Evaluate Afks in TFT and Getting Tokens? – Code List

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The creators introduced small modifications in relation to the awards from the World Cup 2019 mission. What is the state of affairs for folks coming into TFT and leaving afk?

No tokens for afk gamers

One of the Rioters introduced on Twitter that some modifications have been applied in relation to the missions on the event of the World Championships 2019. As we talked about, Riot determined to affix TFT to the pool of modes the place you may get tokens (and thus – numerous rewards).

There was a threat that some gamers would go the simple means and in some unspecified time in the future, Tactical Skirmishes would go afk, and tokens would “fool themselves”. Therefore, the specification was launched.

Afk gamers ought to not obtain occasion tokens in Teamfight Tactics.

Questions shortly appeared from the gamers’ facet. How is being afk outlined? What if many individuals play TFT as a result of they’ve been in a position to depart the pc for some time with out penalties?

“Can we get an explanation of what” afk “means? I tend to alt-tab and work while playing TFT. I do a few things here and there during the game. Will these changes affect me? I only play TFT normals, ”writes one participant.

Yes, I’ve seen this query a number of occasions. The patch has been particularly designed to stop you from becoming a member of the sport, doing something, getting tokens, and replaying all the pieces once more.

If the participant and the time of your energetic recreation is larger than being afk – all the pieces is ok. You will obtain tokens.

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