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Lycan, Venomancer and Nature’s Prophet have had their summoned units removed in Dota Underlords – InvenGlobal

Sad occasions for lovers of Lycan’s companions. The newest Dota Underlords patch notes have modified the feral hunter’s final, and he now now not summons the 2 wolves that have been round because the early Dota Auto Chess days. Instead, solely Lycan turns right into a wolf upon activation of his final. To compensate for the tragic lack of his pets Lycan will heal a bit extra upon transformation, and his essential hits deal extra harm.

But Lycan shouldn’t be the one unit summoner who will have to spend his life with out his buddies anymore. Valve has focused two different summoners as effectively: Nature’s Prophet and Venomancer. Nature’s Prophet’s new final, Wrath of Nature, offers growing harm because it bounces between enemy heroes. Venomancer’s Plague Wards have been changed by ‘Venomous Gale’, which contaminates a lane dealing harm to all heroes standing it it, in addition to slowing their motion pace and assault price.

The patch is a small one, as was anticipated. Earlier this month Valve shared their plans for Underlords’ future, which features a large replace in October. Soon after, the writer stated, Dota Underlords would exit the beta stage and be printed formally.


Full patch notes:


Fixed longstanding concern the place passive skills (excepting Dragon particular skills and Sand King’s Caustic Finale) used stats from one rank increased, e.g. Crystal Maiden 2-star utilizing Crystal Maiden three-star’s values. Some units received a buff to compensate (see beneath), and we’ll be monitoring the others.
A number of Bots had their digital brains unscrewed, tweaked, and reattached.
Added some new animations for benched units when underneath unit cap.
Fixed a difficulty the place tiny portions of injury might generate both too little or an excessive amount of Mana. Warlock casting Shadow Word would trigger this.
Fixed a visible-solely concern the place Lina and Crystal Maiden would return from the useless on the finish of fight.
With most summons removed (see beneath), removed the Summoning Stone merchandise.
Units killing themselves now not get these kills scored. Sorry Barricades!




Armor modified from 5 to [5, 10, 15].
Maximum Health modified from [700, 1400, 2800] to [805, 1610, 3220].



Static Storm:Fixed a difficulty the place complete harm dealt might be flawed.
No longer offers units in the storm a miss probability.

Dragon Knight:


Elder Dragon Form:Fixed Corrosive Breath not working (it incorrectly had a length of zero).

Drow Ranger:


Attack Rate modified from zero.769 to zero.833.
Attack Damage Minimum modified from [45, 90, 180] to [56, 112, 225].
Attack Damage Maximum modified from [50, 100, 200] to [62, 125, 250].



Attack Damage Minimum modified from [50, 100, 240] to [65, 130, 312].
Attack Damage Maximum modified from [60, 120, 288] to [78, 156, 375].
Summon Wolves is now Shapeshift:No wolves are summoned.
Max HP achieve from [30, 40, 50] to [40, 50, 60].
Critical Hit bonus modified from [150, 175, 200] to [200, 225, 250].

Nature’s Prophet:


Attack Rate modified from zero.714 to zero.769.
Maximum Mana modified from 50 to 100.
Attack Damage Minimum modified from [45, 90, 180] to [56, 112, 225].
Attack Damage Maximum modified from [50, 100, 200] to [62, 125, 250].
Removed Nature’s Call means.
Added Wrath of Nature:Nature’s Prophet zaps a goal for [250, 275, 300] harm. This bounces [3, 4, 5] occasions throughout enemies in the board, growing the harm by [10, 13, 15]% per bounce.
Mana Cost: 100.
Cooldown: [15, 13, 11].

Shadow Shaman:


Attack Rate modified from zero.625 to zero.eight.



Maximum Mana modified from 100 to 60.
Walrus PUNCH!:Mana Cost modified from 100 to 60.
Cooldown modified from 7 to four.



Removed Plague Ward means.
Added Venomous Gale:Launches a ball of venom in a line, poisoning enemy units in order that they take [25, 50, 100] harm in addition to [10, 20, 40] harm each 3s for a length of 15s. Affected units lose 50% motion pace and 25 Attack Rate.
Mana Cost: 100.
Cooldown: [10, 8, 6].



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