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How to get a three* unit before round 3-1 in TFT – Dot Esports

The new Teamfight Tactics weekly problem is leaving some gamers puzzled. And for a superb cause, too.

Acquiring a three-star unit isn’t tough, however getting one before stage 3-1 is a completely totally different story. 

Here’s how to get a three* unit before stage 3-1

Screengrab through Riot Games

There are a few methods to full this job, however hyperrolling is by far the simplest and the simplest technique. You can most undoubtedly play the sport at your personal tempo and get a fortunate spate of 1-star models, however it’s by no means sensible to depend on RNG.

Unfortunately, hyperrolling in the early sport isn’t a good thought if you would like to win, so consequently, it could be sensible to full this problem in regular mode.

The trick to gathering a three-star unit before round 3-1 is fishing for one-star models, whereas by no means leveling up. You also needs to utterly keep away from any two or three-value models, even in the opening carousal.

It’s additionally suggested to deliberately lose rounds to kick off a dropping streak and earn much more gold. Once you will have a few Kha’zixs in your bench, possibly a couple of Garens, and a Tristana or two, you have to be in your manner to your three-star purpose.

When the Krugs seem forward of stage 3-1, it’s time to roll. Look for as many matching one-star models as doable. Now, spend your gold and guess on one unit. Keep rolling till you’ve accomplished the mission.

It’s completely effective holding an array of various models in your bench, although ensure that to actively hunt down your commonest unit. You received’t a lot time right here, so spend it correctly.

Once you’ve gotten your three-star unit, the problem is full. You can now give up, or play on. The selection is yours.



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