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What’s New in Patch 9.19?




Origin: Void

Class: Ranger/Assassin

Cost: 5 gold

Health: 700

Armor: 20

Attack Damage: 55

Attack Speed: 1.25

Mana: 50/125

Ability: Killer Instinct:

Kai’Sa dashes to the furthest enemy unit and receives a defend for 300/600/900 in addition to gaining an assault velocity buff of 30%/60%/90%. Both buffs final for three seconds.

New Items

Teamfight Tactics new items


Recipe: B.F. Sword and B.F. SwordEffect; On takedown, wearer positive factors an extra 15 assault injury till the top of fight (stacks infinitely).

Giant Slayer:

Recipe: B.F. Sword and Recurve Bow.Effect: Attacks deal an extra 5% of enemies’ max well being as true injury.

Hand of Justice:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Tear of the Goddess.On spherical begin, wearer positive factors both 40% extra injury or 40 life on hit (fundamental assaults).

Iceborn Gauntlet:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Chain Vest.Effect: On dodge, creates a frozen area that lowers enemy assault velocity by 35%.

Infinity Edge

Recipe modified to Sparring Gloves and B.F. Sword.Stats: 20% essential strike probability.Effect: +150% essential strike injury.

Jeweled Gauntlet:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Needlessly Large Rod.Effect: Your spells can crit.


Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Golden Spatula.Effect: Wearer is now additionally a Yordle.


Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Negatron Cloak.Effect: When person is affected by a crowd management impact, it’s cleansed. Item has a 5 second cooldown.

Repeating Crossbow

Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Recurve Bow.Effect: On champion demise, the merchandise will transfer to a residing allied unit and grant that champion an extra 20% assault velocity and demanding strike probability.

Sparring Gloves

New part merchandise!Gives wearer +10% Critical Strike probability and +10% probability to dodge probability.Depending on the merchandise constructed, the core stats will convert both offensively or defensively, doubling one of many values.

Thief’s Gloves:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Sparring Gloves.Effect: This merchandise takes up all three of a unit’s merchandise slots. On spherical begin, it copies the consequences of two random gadgets.

Trap Claw:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves and Giant’s Belt.Effect: On spherical begin, person positive factors a spell defend. When destroyed, the enemy who broke it’s shocked.

System Changes

Player Damage Adjustments

(Unit injury to Players upon profitable a spherical).

1 Star, Tier 2: Damaged diminished from 2 to 1.2 Star, Tier 2: Damaged diminished from three to 2.three Star, Tier 1: Damage diminished from four to three.three Star, Tier 2: Damage diminished from 5 to four.Lastly, three Star, Tier three: Damage diminished from 6 to five.

Mystery Box System Adjustments

(Mystery Box drops earned from defeating Player vs. Environment rounds).

Common packing containers common gold worth decreased.Uncommon packing containers common gold worth decreased barely.Slightly lowered the possibilities of uncommon (gold) packing containers being dropped.Tier four models can now not drop from unusual (inexperienced) packing containers.Slightly elevated the possibilities of Neeko’s Help showing in all packing containers.


Assassin (NERF)

Assassin (6) Synergy:

Increased from 150% essential strike injury & 25% essential strike probability to 150% essential injury & 20% essential probability.

Assassin (9) Synergy:

Increased from 225% essential strike injury & 40% essential strike probability to 225% essential strike injury & 30% essential strike probability.

Dragon (NERF)

Dragon (2) Synergy:

Magic Reduction diminished from 83% discount to 75% discount.

Glacial (ADJUST)

Glacial stun length diminished from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.Stun probability elevated from 20/30/45 to 20/33/50.

Ninja (BUFF)

Ninja (four) Synergy:

Increased assault injury and skill energy from 70 to 80.

Noble (BUFF)

Heal on hit elevated from 25 to 30.

Ranger (NERF)

Ranger (2) Synergy:

Attack velocity buff diminished from 30% to 25%.

Shapeshifter (NERF)

Shapeshifter (6) Synergy:

Bonus well being diminished from 120% to 100%.


Void (2) Synergy:

One random void champion will deal true injury throughout fight.

Void (four) Synergy:

All void champions will deal true injury throughout fight.

Yordle (NERF)

Yordle dodge probability diminished from 35%/60% to 30%/60%/90%.Added 9 Yordle synergy.

Notable Champion Changes

Anivia (BUFF)

Health elevated from 700 to 750.Attack velocity elevated from zero.6 to zero.eight.Starting/complete mana elevated from zero/100 to 50/125.Ability focusing on modified from random to furthest goal.

Kassadin (ADJUST)

Attack injury diminished from 50 to 40.Attack velocity diminished from zero.6 to zero.55.Armor elevated from 25 to 35.Mana steal and defend energy elevated from 20/40/60 to 25/50/75.

Miss Fortune (BUFF)

Health elevated from 700 to 750.Attack velocity elevated from zero.85 to zero.95.Mana elevated from zero/75 to zero/150.Ability injury elevated from 900/1300/1700 to 1300/2000/2700.Ability focusing on modified from present goal to furthest goal.

The Breakdown

Patch 9.19 is bringing forth a ton of recent modifications, particularly so with the inclusion of the brand new part merchandise – Sparring Gloves. Many of the brand new gadgets that may be crafted have wonderful results which can be targeted on large injury. Effectiveness will differ between synergies, however armies that may favor nearly all of the brand new gadgets are Assassins, Rangers and Gunslingers.

These new gadgets deliver much more firepower to the potential arsenal a participant can construct, bringing on a ton of additional injury that merely wasn’t achievable earlier than. One of the strongest gadgets being launched is the brand new Deathblade which grants the wearer an extra 15 assault injury on takedown, stacking infinitely. Assassins wielding this merchandise will have the ability to wipe a backline way more rapidly and convey a ton of additional injury to scrub up the remaining military. Besides Assassins, Rangers and Gunslingers will have the ability to safely shred every part of their path as nicely.

Tier Five Unit Buffs

Tier Five models had been additionally revamped with the addition of Kai’Sa and the changes of Anivia and Miss Fortune who acquired substantial buffs. Kai’Sa is a hybrid of Assassin Yasuo and the Ranger synergy, with the ability to pounce a backline and shred them with 2 types of assault velocity buffs. She’s a power to be reckoned with, particularly when paired with the Void’s true injury synergy. In addition to accessing many aggressive traits, Kai’Sa can wield nearly any merchandise.

In comparability to Kai’Sa, Anivia and Miss Fortune had nowhere close to the identical injury that she provides now. Riot determined to alter their capability focusing on to the furthest models which might allow them to have a better injury output. Reworking MF to develop into an auto assault-primarily based gunslinger slightly than a caster will see her explode groups, particularly with a 6 Gunslinger synergy. She’ll slowly develop these laborious-hitting autos into a robust final, unleashing a barrage of bullets that ought to wipe a workforce practically by herself. Similarly, Anivia will attempt to obliterate a backline together with her final, nevertheless it gained’t be as heavy-hitting as the brand new Miss Fortune will.

Many different miscellaneous buffs and nerfs got here via for a wide range of completely different champions and gadgets. For extra data on these modifications, you’ll find the official 9.19 patch notes right here:



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